Allama Iqbal sculpture faraway from Lahore park after criticism on social media

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The Allama Iqbal sculpture within the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park in Lahore. — Twitter

LAHORE: The Allama Iqbal  sculpture, which stirred a storm on social media a number of hours earlier, has been faraway from the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park within the metropolis. 

The News spoke to the park’s spokesperson, Nadia  Tufail, who confirmed that the sculpture is being eliminated and shall be reinstalled with enhancements. 

An image of the sculpture was tweeted by an individual on social media wherein the boundary fence of the sculpture could be seen being uprooted by employees. 

“After going viral on social media, Iqbal’s structure is being uprooted,” he wrote.

“Dear, this is prepared by maalis at their own , they made it in sheer love for Iqbal and to pay homage from their heart. Authority didn’t approve or even paid a single penny for it.

“WE WILL ADDRESS IT however can anybody see from maalis eye’s, their love and their عقیدت,” he wrote.

Yasir said that since the structure was built by the gardeners out of their own pocket money, no action will be taken against them. However, he said that clear directives had been issued to ensure that no sculpture is built inside the park without the park management’s permission.