Andie MacDowell opens up about her social nervousness: ‘It’s as if I carry this critic with me’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 16: Andie MacDowell attends L.A. Dance Project Annual Gala on October 16, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Andie MacDowell is opening up about living with social nervousness and the way it’s impacted her life. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Andie MacDowell has been living her greatest life just lately after making headlines for her unapologetic views on getting old and embracing her hair’s pure grey. 

Now, in a current publish on Instagram, the beloved actress is getting reward for being brutally trustworthy about one thing she’s been living with however has been fearful to talk out about, till now: social nervousness. 

After being invited to the 2021 InStyle Awards, the place Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was honored, MacDowell took a second to pay tribute to the athlete for speaking brazenly about her psychological well being struggles, throughout which she opened up about her personal experiences, too. 

“I was thrilled to be there with everyone to celebrate Simone Biles being honored,” she wrote. “People have a hard time talking about their mental instabilities and she has been so brave to show her vulnerability along with all her acolytes and strengths.” 

“I have some social anxiety,” she added. “I’m always analyzing myself if I’m doing an OK job when I go out. It’s as if I carry this critic with me and sometimes I can’t have a decent conversation because the critic‘s voice butting in. Other times I’m completely relaxed, comfortable and present. It’s so important to be social, to make the effort to get out and be with people and enjoy life even when you live with this kind of critic in your head. I have to have a #strong conversation with the critic the day after I go to out and I tell them not analyze every move I make. I had conversations that were valuable, lovely, warm and generous.” 

“We are human and we are here to support and love each other and understand how vulnerable we really are,” she continued. “Absolutely stellar people to celebrate that evening, all of them very deserving. But my heart has a special thank you for Simone.” 

The Groundhog Day star dazzled the purple carpet in a black Dior gown, and after posting the heartfelt tribute to Simone and for anybody living with nervousness, she welcomed a slew of assist from commenters. 

“You are ridiculous,” wrote Kathy Griffin. “I want to be you someday! So amazing.” 

“What a beautiful and genuine post!” a fan added. “Thank you for being so honest and speaking about this as we all struggle in some way with it. You are truly beautiful and admirable!” 

“Thank you for your honesty!” one other wrote. “The inner critic is tough to beat. But admitting it exists in our heads while knowing it’s separate from who we are in our hearts is key IMHO to keeping it in check. So happy you got to be part of this special celebration!” 

“My hair hero!!” a commenter exclaimed. “Love your show and your authenticity!!” 

Of course, MacDowell has been rocking her pure grey hair on the purple carpet and in her newest display screen roles, telling her Multiplicity co-star Michael Keaton for Interview Magazine that she feels “better” when she’s not preventing the getting old course of.

“Honestly, it’s exhausting to have to be something that you no longer are,” she defined. “I was finally like, ‘You know what? I’m not young. And I’m OK with that.’ I hate the word ’embrace,’ because it always sounds like you’re having to accept something, and I don’t feel like that. We’re beautiful at every age and glorious in our own way, and we have so much to offer. I feel so much more comfortable. It’s like I’ve taken a mask off or something.”

“I’d been wanting to do it for a few years,” she defined of setting her grey hair free in a separate interview with The Zoe Report. “And then when COVID happened and I saw the roots coming in, I thought it suited me.”

“I think women are tired of the idea that you can’t get old and be beautiful,” she added. “Men get old and we keep loving them. And I want to be like a man. I want to be beautiful and I don’t want to screw with myself to be beautiful.”


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