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BCI raps Prashant Bhushan, says nobody has authority to ridicule SC, its judges and judiciary

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The Bar Council of India (BCI ) has slammed activist-lawyer Prashant Bhushan for his current reported remarks towards the judiciary in a webinar, saying nobody has the authority to “ridicule” the Supreme Court and its judges and the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ shouldn’t be crossed by attorneys.

In a press assertion, BCI chairperson Manan Kumar Mishra alleged that individuals like Bhushan “are misusing the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression” and indulging in anti-India tirade.

Bhushan, whereas talking the webinar organised by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) on August 10, was important of current apex court docket selections in circumstances like Zakia Jafri and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

“The advocate while speaking in a webinar hosted by the Indian American Muslim Council has crossed all the limits.”

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“He not only criticised and used filthy, demeaning words for our judges of the Supreme Court but exposed himself by uttering that, and by doing so, he intended to deter some of the judges of the Supreme Court,” Mishra, who’s a senior advocate, mentioned within the press assertion.

The chief of the apex attorneys’ physique mentioned nobody has the authority to ridicule the Supreme Court of India, its judges or the judiciary.

“You cannot make a mockery of the system, as the citizens of India more so, so long as you are an advocate, or else be ready to face the consequences. You can criticise anyone, but you cannot cross the Lakshman Rekha, always mind your language. The licence to practice does not empower you to misuse your position as a lawyer,” the assertion mentioned.


The BCI termed Bhushan’s assertion “ridiculous”, “reprehensible” and a tirade towards the nation.

“Persons like Mr. Bhushan have never been the champions of civil liberties, rather, by doing such nonsense acts, they succeed in giving a message to the world that they are anti-Indians. In fact, such people are misusing the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression. We cannot imagine the existence of such people like Prashant in countries like China and Russia,” it mentioned.

The BCI was important of Bhushan’s assertion over the problem of post-retirement jobs for the judges saying underneath numerous statutes there are specific posts that might be assigned solely to retired judges.


“Therefore, such appointments cannot be criticised in such an indecent manner. Bar Councils have also been raising these issues but in a respectful manner before appropriate forums. Maligning the image of our judges or the institution for these matters is quite improper and unjustified,” it mentioned.

It mentioned the Supreme Court could hesitate in initiating the contempt proceedings “because of one or other reason, but the Bar Council won’t tolerate such a nuisance”.

Referring to the reach and pace of social and digital media, the BCI chairperson mentioned one ought to be very cautious in making an announcement as such messages go to all the world rapidly.

“For the conduct and etiquettes of lawyers, the BCI and state councils have laid down the norms and guidelines,” it mentioned.


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