Celebrities defend Lukas Gage after director insults his ‘tiny’ residence in viral video: ‘You’re a category act’


Hollywood is defending actor Lukas Gage who was insulted by an unnamed director for his “tiny” residence. (Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan by way of Getty Images)Celebrities are speeding to defend actor Lukas Gage, after a viral video confirmed an unnamed director mocking his residence throughout a Zoom audition.On Friday, Gage, 25, who has appeared within the HBO present Euphoria and Veronica Mars posted the awkward video on Twitter and Instagram. “Psa, if you’re a sh*t talking director make sure to mute ur sh*t on zoom [meetings],” he wrote.In the video, a person with a British accent could be heard saying, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments — it’s like I’m looking at his background and he’s got this TV and….” whereas Gage’s face falls.“Yeah, I’m muted,” Gage solutions. “I know, it’s a sh*tty apartment. That’s why, give me this job, so I can get a better one. Alright, ready?”Actor Lukas Gage shared a video of a Zoom audition throughout which a director insulted his residence. (Screenshot: Twitter/Lukas Gage)“Oh my god,” says the person. “I am so, so sorry.”“Listen, I’m living in a four-by-four box, it’s fine, just give the job and we’ll be fine,” Gage joked.Twitter royalty confirmed as much as defend the actor. The 40-Year-Old Virgin director Jude Apatow responded, “As a young man I would have dreamed of an apartment like this one. Look at that sweet flat screen! The guitar! The moldings!” While Superstar’s Molly Shannon wrote, “You handled that so well, Lukas. What a lousy thing of him to say. And here you are putting yourself out there for your audition. Vulnerable, wanting to get the part, etc.”Judd Apatow defended actor Lukas Gage after a director insulted his residence. (Screenshot: Twittter/JuddApatow)Molly Shannon defended Lukas Gage after a director slammed the actor for being “poor.” (Screenshot: Instagram/The Official Superstar)Wilmer Valderrama praised fellow actor Lukas Gage after he was insulted by an unnamed director. (Screenshot: Instagram/Wilmer Valderrama)Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, wrote, “I dunno how u reacted so well lol” and actress Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late actor Robin Williams wrote, “Since @lukasgage is going viral on film twitter for being the graceful, quick-thinking sweetheart he is, I’d like to add for any (non-a**hole) director’s looking that he’s also a delight to work with, funny, talented and a blast on set. Hire this man!”Musician Joe Jonas, the husband of Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner wrote, “Handled like a champ” whereas Madmen star January Jones commented, “Classy response Lukas. What an entitled a**hole, dm me who it was so I can make note not to ever work with that person.”Story continues“Yeah mute it,” Dakota Fanning quipped. Wilmer Valderrama wrote, “You’re a class act. Onward this director officially has an expiration date.” And Oliver Hudson, the brother of Kate Hudson added, “This is amazing man..! Hahahha.”While some tried to guess the identification of the director, Shameless star Emmy Rossum had a guess, based on Today: “If it’s who I’m thinking, he asked me to ‘audition’ for him once. But not to read a scene. He said he knew I could act. Just to come into his office in a bikini and do a twirl. No joke. THAT was the ask. My reps said he wanted to know if I was ‘fat right now.'”Read extra from Yahoo Entertainment: