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China-Taiwan: As China broods, Taiwan is in a ‘Pelosi lovefest’

U.s. House Of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi Attends A Meeting With Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen At The Presidential Office In Taipei, Taiwan August 3, 2022Reuters

For Taiwan this journey by Nancy Pelosi is about assist, but additionally legitimacy.

Taiwan wants America’s assist, navy and in any other case. But it craves legitimacy. It craves recognition that this isn’t some “renegade province” as Beijing calls it, however a proud nation, with its personal democratic authorities and a dedication to maintain it that approach.

That is why a go to by the speaker of the US House of Representatives means a lot. America is what Taiwan seems to be as much as, not China.

You can see it within the excited approach Ms Pelosi’s arrival right here is being reported on Taiwan’s many TV information channels.

They have been learning every part from the color of her outfits to the peak of her heels – very excessive for an 82-year-old apparently – and the truth that she “looked like Audrey Hepburn in that photo of her with President John F. Kennedy back in 1961”.

There is a full-on Pelosi lovefest occurring in Taipei, the island’s capital.

Crowds gathered early outdoors Taiwan’s parliament on Wednesday, hoping to get a glimpse of Ms Pelosi as she got here out. Almost everybody there disregarded worries that China may retaliate.

“We are used to the threats from China,” a feminine banker instructed us. “In the long run this trip will be good for the development of US-Taiwan relations.”

“China is bluffing,” mentioned a 70-year-old man. “It may retaliate in the short term, but if Beijing over-reacts, it will be punished by the United States.”

“China shouldn’t bully Taiwan like this,” a 50-year-old home spouse instructed us. “This trip is normal… if China continues like this it will only alienate more countries.”


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But to China this journey is something however regular. To Beijing it’s an outrageous breach of diplomatic norms.

When President Jimmy Carter recognised the People’s Republic of China in 1979, Washington agreed it will drop recognition of the “other” Chinese authorities in Taipei.

For Beijing, that ought to have been the top of the story. But America by no means fully gave up Taiwan. And as this island has reworked from a navy dictatorship to a flourishing democracy, the sense that the US ought to defend this “plucky little democracy” within the face of China’s threats has solely grown.

It is now more and more clear that Beijing isn’t going to be happy by venting its anger at Nancy Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan with mere phrases.

The announcement of six giant exclusion zones across the island beginning on Thursday, and lasting for 4 days, is ominous. Beijing did the identical factor again in 1996, the final time there was a so known as “Taiwan Straits Crisis”. But then the exclusion zones had been all nicely outdoors Taiwan’s territorial waters.

This time three of the six zones intrude into Taiwan’s 12-mile restrict. That is unprecedented. Taiwan’s defence ministry has already known as the move a breach of UN conventions, and mentioned it quantities to an air and sea blockade towards the island.

If China had been to move ships or plane into these areas, it will quantity to an invasion of Taiwan territory. This makes the stakes a lot increased as Taiwan might really feel compelled to defend its personal waters.

The US Navy is watching all this very carefully, and already has the USS Ronald Reagan service battle group crusing close by within the Philippine Sea.

Ms Pelosi is now on her strategy to South Korea, however the fallout from this journey to Taiwan seems to be set to rumble on for some time longer – and will even develop in to a serious US-China disaster.

A Map Showing The Exclusion Zones


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