Civil Society Groups in Bahrain Reject Normalization Deal with Israel


Civil society teams in Bahrain have rejected the federal government’s normalization settlement with Israel which is predicted to be signed formally in Washington DC on Tuesday.

Seventeen organizations have issued a joint assertion to this impact, with signatories together with the General Federation of Workers’ Trade Unions in Bahrain, the Bahraini Bar Association and the Bahrain Women’s Association.

“We adhere to the constants of the Bahraini people regarding the just Palestinian cause and the provisions of the constitution that criminalize normalisation with the Zionist entity, in accordance with the official and popular Arab and Islamic consensus rejecting normalisation with this criminal entity,” mentioned the teams.

“All forms of normalisation with the Zionist entity initiated by some countries have neither produced peace nor restored the usurped rights of the Palestinian people, but have, rather, encouraged the enemy to commit more crimes against Palestine and the holy Arab and Muslim sites, foremost of which is Holy Jerusalem.”

The assertion added that “what is known as a peace treaty between Bahrain and the Zionist enemy under the auspices of the US administration has brought about tremendous shock, resentment and widespread popular rejection among the Bahraini people, their political forces, civil society institutions, and all national actors and personalities.”

As a end result, the signatories identified, nothing arising from the normalisation deal can have any standard legitimacy. “Generations of Bahrainis have believed in the just nature of the Palestinian cause,” they concluded.

The nation of Bahrain grew to become the newest Arab nation to normalize ties with Israel, lower than a month following an identical resolution by the United Arab Emirates.

The Bahraini resolution, which was introduced by US President Donald Trump on Friday was made regardless of repeated assurances that Manama won’t prolong diplomatic ties with Israel till Palestinians get hold of their rights in accordance with worldwide legislation.

The Bahrain-Israel settlement got here as one other shock to Palestinians who nonetheless didn’t get well from the information of the UAE-Israel normalization.

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