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Clampdown on social media adverts for dangerous hay-fever jab

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Companies will likely be prosecuted in the event that they proceed to promote a prescription-only hay-fever drug on social media, the UK authorities says.

Kenalog is a steroid injection that the NHS stopped providing years in the past due to the chance of significant unwanted effects.

Some non-public medical and aesthetic magnificence clinics have been advised to take away promotional posts for the jab from Facebook and Instagram.

Even together with a syringe emoji could be a breach of the legislation.

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Kenalog shouldn’t be licensed for the therapy of hay-fever within the UK, though it’s licensed for another circumstances on prescription.

Some magnificence and aesthetics clinics, nevertheless, are providing it to hay-fever victims.

Hay fever is a pollen allergy which is mostly handled with antihistamine drops, tablets and nasal sprays.

It causes sneezing, coughing, a blocked nostril and extra issues for these with bronchial asthma.

For some, these therapies haven’t any impact, which is prompting some individuals to strive Kenalog as a substitute.

It has not been authorized for hay-fever therapy by the NHS as a result of its advantages don’t outweigh the dangers of utilizing it.

Steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs used for bronchial asthma and arthritis however include unwanted effects corresponding to weight achieve, sleeping difficulties and typically anxiousness or despair.

The Committees of Advertising Practice (Cap) have labored with the Medicines and Healthcare merchandise Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to situation the enforcement on Kenalog promoting.

It should not be marketed anyplace, together with on social-media posts or on web sites, as a therapy for hay fever within the UK or known as a “hay-fever injection” or “hay-fever jab”.

Companies have till the top of August to make these modifications earlier than being referred to the MHRA for additional enforcement motion.

Claire Tilstone, from the MHRA, says “the advertising of prescription-only medicines in the UK is banned under UK advertising law” and encourages anybody who sees a clinic promoting Kenalog to report it to the company or to Cap.

Allergy UK has beforehand mentioned the steroid injection shouldn’t be advisable as it’s a high-dose steroid given by an intramuscular injection, and as soon as injected, the steroid can’t be eliminated – and it comes with “a high side-effect profile”.


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