Fake story on Russians paying Afghans ‘bounty’ to kill Americans newest instance of appalling US/UK media protection of Russia


The Anglo-American press is obscure. Anonymous sources are handled as gospel – after they go well with the ideological and political biases of reports shops – and spy companies appear to be past reproach.

This, in fact, is how America and Britain had been drawn into the Iraq War. Mainstream media was complicit in manufacturing consent by publishing tales handed down by intelligence companies – an incredible lots of them later confirmed unfaithful. Perhaps most notably, the New York Times went huge on the bogus “weapons of mass destruction” yarn.

After the harm was finished, and tons of of 1000’s of Iraqis had died, the paper apologized. It admitted it was inspired to report the claims by “United States officials convinced of the need to intervene in Iraq.”

Almost twenty years on, it has plainly realized nothing. This weekend the Times had three of its most senior journalists principally rewrite a CIA press launch as a part of its newest try and undermine President Donald Trump by taking part in the “Russia card.” Quite why it took so lots of them is tough to know – except none needed to be the only real title on the piece, preferring security in numbers.

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The story claimed that Russia is paying Afghan militants to kill American troopers and that Trump’s workforce has recognized for months however finished nothing. The US director of nationwide intelligence shortly denied the allegations, as did the president himself. It certainly wasn’t coincidental that the drop passed off in the identical weekend that experiences emerged of Trump planning to withdraw 4,000 troops from Afghanistan.

If you already know something about Russia, the story is  clearly false. The Americans are completely slowed down in Kabul, which fits Moscow in myriad methods. In reality, the Kremlin could be solely delighted if the US stayed there without end. What’s extra, the Taliban hardly wants a monetary incentive to assault a hated occupying power. So why would Moscow have to be handing out bounties to encourage individuals who have already got it in for Americans?

Another fascinating element was the New York Times’ assertion that its allegations are “based at least in part on interrogations of captured Afghan militants and criminals.” Given we all know the US makes use of torture in Afghanistan that ought to be an instantaneous red-flag to any self-respecting journalist. Not to say the truth that even when Afghan prisoners did say this, it is possible not more than jail gossip: “Daud told Nadir that Hashem heard the Russians will pay you for killing an American.”

The Times trio even threw in a little bit of informal xenophobia. “I think we had forgotten how organically ruthless the Russians could be,” they quoted Peter Zwack, a retired army intelligence officer, as saying. Imagine a report saying Asians, Africans, Mexicans or Jews are “organically ruthless.” That’s proper, you possibly can’t, as a result of it would not occur. But Russians, being predominantly white and Christian, are thought-about to be truthful recreation.

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Soon after, the Washington Post mentioned it had ‘confirmed’ the Times’ story. All this implies is that they had been fed the identical bulls**t by the identical nameless spooks. Even extra hilariously, the paper managed to get a named Taliban spokesman to go on the file together with his denial, whereas it allowed the Americans who pushed the yarn to stay within the shadows. Nevertheless, which narrative do you assume was given extra credence?

This carry-on is deeply unethical. Especially given it comes simply a few months after US/UK media went huge on one other faux story alleging Russia was attempting to poison Czech politicians with ricin. Prague ultimately admitted the story was fully made up. This confession, in fact, obtained about one p.c of the protection granted to the unique fabrication.

Predictably, broadcast media adopted up on the Times and Post’s experiences. Rachel Maddow was entrance and heart, naturally. You’ll bear in mind she spent a couple of years airing false and hysterical smears about Trump’s alleged ties to Moscow and suffered no skilled penalties when the Mueller Report proved her allegations to be unfaithful.

But it wasn’t simply Maddow. On Saturday, CNN ran “breaking news” saying it had discovered “a European intelligence official” to corroborate the story. It then lower to its personal correspondent, one Nick Paton Walsh. He offered no named supply and his feedback principally amounted to “some fella told me down the pub” stuff. Honestly, in any sane media tradition, Paton Walsh could be laughed at, not inspired.

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For instance, at one level he mentioned “it’s not clear when this happened” after which added, “it’s clear it has caused casualties.” But as a substitute of asking “how is it possible to know that if you can’t say when it happened?” the anchor simply sat there nodding together with that vacuous look in her eyes which appears to be obligatory for CNN presenters.

Later, Britain’s Sky Newsran the identical yarn, however mentioned “British security officials have confirmed… that the reports about the plot are true.” Presumably, Sky was spoon-fed by the identical spooks who exploited Paton Walsh as a ‘useful idiot’. Later, the Guardian’s Stephanie Kirchgaessner tweeted “this confirmation by closest intel allies is critical and damning: Russia paid Taliban fighters to attack British troops in Afghanistan.”

Again, the reporter expressed no doubts, as a result of apparently the phrase of spooks is golden, and they might by no means lie. 

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It’s established that mainstream US/UK media operates in a self-contained pit of rumor, fear, braggadocio, bullshit, and propaganda on the subject of Russia. But what’s most weird is the sheer obviousness with which shops flow into the identical false tales after which use one another as corroborating sources though they’re all getting the knowledge from the identical folks.

Folk who clearly have their very own agendas, and are taking part in gormless hacks like a fiddle. The different unbelievable factor is a transparent lack of expertise about what ‘confirmation’ even means. It clearly requires tangible proof, on the file.

The New York Times’ protection of Russia principally solely has two methods. They both rip-off articles from smaller Russian liberal shops (who usually cannot complain too loudly as they depend on Western funding) or they regurgitate nameless sources within the US military-intelligence institution trying to run scare tales in regards to the nation. None of this includes any reporting, and it can’t be thought-about journalism below any accepted definition of what the commerce includes. 

Given the New York Times is arguably the largest, and most seen, fish within the US/UK media world, you possibly can solely think about the even decrease requirements that permeate additional down the meals chain.

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