Former social gathering lady particulars how Islam ‘saved her life’

Persephone Rizvi, a self-confessed social gathering lady from England’s Huddersfield city, has detailed her journey of changing to Islam seven years in the past and the way the faith saved her life.

Growing up in Yorkshire, Persephone was a self-professed social gathering lady. She lived for the weekend evening life: drink, boys and enjoyable – in any order.

“I was using alcohol as my coping mechanism and going through emotionally-draining experiences that I couldn’t really make sense of. I was struggling to see a purpose in my life and I wanted to do better for myself. So I became a Muslim,” she informed BBC.

Seven years in the past, Persephone embraced Islam, discovering an answer to her issues.

However, in leaving her previous life behind – swapping events for a lifetime of reflection, her stud-pressed stilettos for a scarf – she additionally minimize off ties with the shut buddies she grew up with, disappearing with out a lot as a phrase.

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Seven years on, Persephone’s settled into her new life as a Muslim and is again in her hometown of Huddersfield. But for her one factor stays unresolved: closure with the previous buddies she minimize off when she transformed.

While she was a college pupil, she took Shahada (the oath you are taking while you formally turn out to be a Muslim) after an Imam of Eccles Mosque answered her queries associated to the faith.

She informed the British media outlet that the Muslim group welcomed her and “reminded me of what sisterhood is supposed to be”.

“I’ve met a few friends for life through Islam – they reminded me of what sisterhood is supposed to be. We can talk to each other with no filter, we’re honest with our guards down and we’re each other’s solace when times get tough.”

Persephone appreciated her buddies — Twaheeda and Reema — saying they’re actually her “ticket to Heaven. They remind me all the time that this life is not our final resting place”.

“When my psychological well being obtained actually dangerous, I attempted to finish my life within the park. Getting drunk led me to lots of darkish locations. It was after a extremely dangerous episode of waking up bare on the kitchen ground that I knew I needed to make a change. I’d handed out from ingesting an excessive amount of. It felt hellish.

“That’s why I say Islam saved me, because now I know the best way for me to handle those dark times. I wouldn’t have coped this way, by praying and taking care of my mental health as well as physical, if it wasn’t for Islam.”

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