Gay Russian priest who fled to Holland after popping out accuses church of bullying & claims clergy sleep collectively to spice up profession


A scandal has erupted within the Russian Orthodox Church over a priest from Rostov-on-Don departing the nation after accusing his superiors of bullying him for being homosexual. The native Metropolitan denies figuring out about his sexuality.

Alexander Usatov, a former cleric within the Rostov and Novocherkassk diocese within the south of Russia, says that he was pressured to depart his submit because of his orientation, resulting in bullying contained in the church. This was additional exacerbated when he revealed a manifesto about his lack of religion. Following harassment and dying threats, he contacted homosexual activists within the European Union and used their assist to depart Russia. He now lives within the Netherlands.

Almost a 12 months after he escaped Rostov, Usatov’s story has come to mainstream consideration. On Monday, he instructed his facet of the story to the web site ‘Snob.’

“Earlier, I wrote about the ideological motives that led to my departure from the Russian Orthodox Church,” he wrote. “Now I am ready to reveal the whole picture: I could no longer remain in the church system, not only because I became an atheist. I am gay and have never felt safe.”

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The priest additionally went on the offensive, attacking the church for having a ‘gay lobby’ however pretending to be homophobic. He even claimed that monks can sleep with higher-ranking members of the church to get promotions.

“On the one hand, everyone knows about the existence of the gay lobby and the opportunity to make an easy career after going through the bishop’s bed,” he stated. “On the other hand, the most active parishioners of the church are ardent homophobes.”

However, in response to Usatov, he was shunned when he instructed the native Metropolitan, Mercurius of Rostov, and subsequently grew to become a goal of bullying and mock. Sometime later, in March 2020, he was knowledgeable that an archpriest had written a denunciation accusing him of “support for [Alexey] Navalny, propaganda of the political opposition and LGBT campaigns among young people.”

This turned out to be a lie, however scared him sufficient to attempt to escape Russia, which he did final 12 months.

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In response to Usatov’s newest article, the Rostov Diocese has referred to as him a liar, claiming that his superiors had no concept that he was homosexual. He wouldn’t have been bullied for his orientation however merely kicked out of the church, they are saying.

According to Igor Petrovsky, the press secretary for Metropolitan Mercurius, he would have been “deprived of his dignity long ago.”

“A homosexual priest would have long been asked to remove the cross if he was unable to put on his pants,” he instructed on-line publication Podyom. “After all, Usatov slammed the church door, claiming that his break was purely intellectual in nature.”

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