Halle Berry says her look ‘hasn’t spared me one heartbreak or heartache’: ‘I’ve had loss and ache’

Halle Berry opens up about how her new film Bruised is personal.

Halle Berry opens up about how her new movie Bruised is private. (Photo: Getty Images)

Halle Berry is extensively thought-about one of the crucial lovely ladies on the earth, however that does not imply she has been “spared any hardship” in life.

The 55-year-old actress talked with the New York Times about her new movie Bruised, which additionally serves as her directorial debut, and the way she pertains to her character. The movie follows Jackie, a former MMA champion who returns to take care of her 6-year-old son after abandoning him as an toddler. And there are components of Jackie’s story Berry stated she connects with.

“This is another battle I fought my whole life. That because I look a certain way that I’ve been spared any hardship. I’ve had loss and pain and a lot of hurt in my life. I’ve had abuse in my life,” she defined, referencing earlier home violence she confronted in a relationship. “I get really frustrated when people think because I look a certain way that I haven’t had any of those real-life experiences because I absolutely have.”

Berry continued, “This hasn’t spared me one heartbreak or heartache or fearful or tearful moment, trust me.”

The Oscar winner fought to make and star within the movie after Blake Lively handed on the lead function.

“I loved it because fighting is something that I just know so much about on a personal level and on a career level. I understand what it is to fight and not be heard,” Berry shared. “I understand the trauma of life that makes one want to fight, need to fight, have to fight.”

She added, “I understand being marginalized as a Black woman and the anger, resentment, fear and frustration that comes with all of that. If I could put all of that into this movie, all the things that I know so well, then I knew I could create a character that will not only be real, but will resonate with women of different races, too.”

Bruised hits theaters on Nov. 17 earlier than dropping on Netflix one week later.


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