Halle Berry says provides did not roll in after historic Oscar win: ‘It was shocking’

Halle Berry, here at the 2021 Oscars, reflects on her film and television career.

Halle Berry, right here on the 2021 Oscars, displays on her movie and tv profession. (Photo: Reuters.)

Halle Berry acquired candid when trying again at her decades-long profession, explaining she has no regrets about her skilled selections. (Yes, that features Catwoman.) 

The 54-year-old actress, who will quickly make her directorial debut with Bruised, opened as much as Entertainment Weekly about how she appears again at her prolonged resumé. There are some roles she took as a result of she cherished the half, whereas others had been pushed by monetary causes.

“It’s like, OK, that’s a film I can’t say I’m totally in love with, but this isn’t a hobby. It’s how I take care of my children,” Berry added. “But I try to keep that sense of wonder and stay curious. Because being a Black woman, I haven’t always had parts that I absolutely love.”

Despite incomes Hollywood’s high honor for her efficiency in 2001’s Monsters Ball — she’s nonetheless the one Black girl in historical past to win a Best Actress Oscar — Berry did not get the forms of provides that poured in for her white predecessors.

“It was surprising,” Berry stated of the aftermath, admitting she anticipated to line up main tasks and work with high administrators — however nothing got here. “Because I thought they were going to just back up the truck and drop them off at my house, right? When you have a historic win like that, you think, ‘Oh, this is going to fundamentally change.’ It did fundamentally change me, but it didn’t change my place in the business overnight. I still had to go back to work. I still had to try to fight to make a way out of no way.”

Take Catwoman, for instance, the field workplace flop that earned Berry a Razzie award two years later. The celebrity has the right outlook on that one.

“It was one of the biggest paydays of my whole life, which, there’s nothing wrong with that,” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to feel like ‘Oh, I can only do award-worthy stuff.’ What is an award-worthy performance?”

Berry shut down within the press round that point as she felt the narrative about her skilled determination spun uncontrolled.

“I just stopped talking. I thought, ‘I can’t keep allowing people to tell me the same story, the same version of who I am.’ I have evolved, I’ve moved on, I’m grown. Let me live!” she famous. “Social media has been great for that because I get to be who I am. And they get to meet me where I’m at, not in the past.”

Now, Berry feels very accountable for her narrative — and profession. 

“It used to be when you were 40 your career was done, and I mean really done,” she said. “Or you had to wait until you were old enough to play a grandma, and then you could have another bite at the apple, right? I mean, I couldn’t think that I’d be playing an MMA fighter at 54 years old. Yet I did, so it’s got to be changing. I’m proof of that.”

Bruised might be launched on Netflix in November. The indie drama a few 54-year-old MMA fighter is the primary of two tasks with the streaming big.

“With the pandemic I think we pushed ourselves probably 15 years ahead, because people want to watch things at home on their own time,” she added. “They want to stop it and start it. So I think we have to start reimagining and rethinking how we’re evolving. People have said to me, ‘You made an independent movie. Why would you sell it to Netflix?’ Because I’m assured people will see it, and that’s the goal! That is ultimately the goal.”


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