Here’s how one can carry out Eid prayers at home throughout coronavirus outbreak


Eid-ul-Fitr, which is often the most-awaited occasion for Muslims in a yr, doesn’t appear to be as festive this time as a result of ongoing coronavirus scare and social distancing measures.

According to the official Fatwa Centre within the United Arab Emirates, the Eid prayers will be carried out at home both individually, or in a small group led by the top of the household (father) with out a sermon, reported Gulf Today.

In a latest assertion launched, the Centre referred to as the Eid prayers a Sunnah Muakkadah (extremely really helpful) for match and able-bodied males, including that its non-obligatory however really helpful for girls, younger youngsters and travellers.

The Centre, in its assertion, additionally laid out the tactic by which prayer will be carried out individually or inside a gaggle of relations.

Eid prayer has two Rak’ah and begins with seven Takbeers (saying Allah o’ Akbar) within the first Rak’ah and 6 within the second.

After Takbeers, the prayer chief or the person should loudly learn Surat Al Fatiha, and full or a part of verses from one other Surah.

Pakistan will observe Eid on May 24 this yr. Scholars and political leaders have urged the general public to rejoice the event with simplicity whereas guaranteeing protecting measures towards the virus.

Pakistan is among the many prime 20 nations when it comes to circumstances because it recorded greater than 52,000 infections on Saturday. The complete demise complete has exceeded 1,100.