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How ‘Yellowjackets’ Stars Survived Hollywood


Sure, they could have eaten an individual again within the day. But there are some issues the grown ladies of Yellowjackets simply wouldn’t do. On this, the actresses who play them — Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci — agree, as they collect in a yard in L.A.’s Topanga Canyon in late July, only a few weeks earlier than they begin filming the second season of their breakout present.

The Showtime survival thriller, created and government produced by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, earned seven Emmy nominations, together with excellent drama sequence and appearing nominations for Lynskey and Ricci. The Yellowjackets storyline alternates between 1996 and the current day because it follows members of a highschool ladies soccer crew whose airplane crashes and strands them for 19 months within the wilderness, the place they resort to cannibalism to outlive.

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Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci and Tawny Cypress Photographed By Ryan Pfluger

Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci and Tawny Cypress

Part of the present’s nostalgic attraction depends on its casting of those actresses, three of whom audiences knew as younger ladies for his or her slyly offbeat roles in movies like The Addams Family (Ricci), Cape Fear (Lewis) and Heavenly Creatures (Lynskey), to play the crash survivors as adults. In this dialog with THR, Cypress, Lewis, Lynskey and Ricci disclose their ’90s regrets, share what it means once you name an actress “quirky” and reveal how survival bonds ladies — together with within the trenches of Hollywood.

Who right here knew one another earlier than the present?

MELANIE LYNSKEY (Points to Christina Ricci.) We knew one another slightly bit. I went to a Nick Cave live performance on my own, and Christina got here up and —

CHRISTINA RICCI I used to be very excited to see you.

LYNSKEY So excited. We had been having a stunning chat, after which she’s like, “Are you here by yourself?” She’s the good particular person of all time, and I used to be intimidated. I simply felt embarrassed to say, “I’ve come to a concert by myself.” I used to be like 24 or one thing.

RICCI I used to be impressed as a result of I couldn’t go wherever on my own.

LYNSKEY I additionally went to see Clay Aiken on my own as a result of no person would include me.

It’s stunning that none of you had labored collectively over time.

JULIETTE LEWIS It’s wild once you’ve been round so lengthy, and also you type of have a kindred connection to folks. There’s sure actors you’re like, “Mmm, we’re not of the same tree,” after which there’s different actors you’re like, “Oh, yeah. We have some roots.”

Juliette, Melanie and Christina, all three of your Wikipedia entries say some model of, “Often plays quirky or offbeat characters.” What do these phrases imply to you?

LEWIS Real folks, particular and unpredictable.

LYNSKEY I keep in mind I acquired solid in a film after I was like 21, and the outline of the character earlier than I auditioned was “Blah, blah, blah, the beautiful girl who sits next to him in school.” Then, on the desk learn, it had been modified to “Blah, blah, blah, cute and quirky.” I used to be like, “You don’t need to change it. Just keep it …” They’re like, “We better change this description or people will be like, wrong actress.” So, generally it feels … I don’t know. I by no means preferred that phrase, “quirky.”

RICCI When you say that each one of us had this description, that to me speaks to a previous time, when, if you happen to weren’t the leading-lady ingenue then you definately had been quirky and offbeat. All proper, so there’s two teams for actresses? In a approach, I’m high quality with being within the class I’m in as a result of what it means to me is that I’ve made an effort in my profession to do issues that I really feel like I haven’t seen earlier than. So, in some methods, I prefer it. In different methods, I’m like, “Ugh.” It’s slightly dismissive. A bit of cute and dismissive.

LEWIS We come from the ’90s the place, after I had blond hair, I used to be the beautiful airhead, after which I dyed my hair darkish, and I used to be the wisecracking, sarcastic lady. But yeah, I believe it’s actually neat that we’ve all carved this path of vary and specificity.

Says Lewis, “I feel honored to be a part of [Hollywood] and what it gave me, but I do still hold on to what it took from me in my youth.”

Says Lewis, “I feel honored to be a part of [Hollywood] and what it gave me, but I do still hold on to what it took from me in my youth.”

Isn’t one other time period for that “character actor”?

RICCI But “character actress” was once one thing they used to explain an unpleasant lady.


RICCI Back within the late ’90s, my brokers had been all the time like, “We have to be so careful you don’t become a character actress. If we’re not careful, you’re going to end up just like Jennifer Jason Leigh.” I used to be like, “I like her.” They had been so afraid of me not being a number one girl, of me not being sexually engaging to folks. It was actually the very last thing I ever needed, was for anybody to be interested in me.

LEWIS My dad was a personality actor. So to me, it was one thing that was tremendous noble. It was a world of journey and never limiting. I rebelled towards the system, the PR system of being in some weird thought of magnificence. I actually revolted towards that, for higher or for worse. Crying in a toilet at a photograph shoot, like, “I won’t come out.” They need these doe-eyed seems. That’s for positive what I didn’t do in photos, so I all the time seemed barely insane, which I choose over, like, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Tawny, what was your sense of what the expectations had been for you once you had been beginning out?

CYPRESS I’ve had a special row to hoe. I’ve spent my complete profession doing shitty roles of the sassy one on the aspect. Honestly, rising up as an actor, I needed to be an ingenue.

LEWIS Isn’t that humorous? And I needed to be sassy and opinionated.

CYPRESS I couldn’t be an ingenue. I simply couldn’t. It’s simply not in me, you understand? I used to be by no means introduced with these roles, ever, and I used to be like, “Oh, OK. That’s not who I am.” I type of, rising older, have embraced my Jersey aspect, and I’m who I’m, and that is what you get.

LYNSKEY I began calling myself a personality actor in interviews after I was actually younger as a result of I believe it was reclaiming the time period or one thing. I believe I simply was like, “That’s what I am.” My brokers had all that type of depth round it, too. I keep in mind after I did Coyote Ugly

RICCI Oh my God, you bought a bit in that? I went up for that, and I didn’t get it.

CYPRESS I did too.

LYNSKEY I performed the very best pal from Jersey. But the scrutiny that was on Piper [Perabo], who’s one of many coolest, smartest ladies, simply the way in which folks had been speaking about her physique, speaking about her look, specializing in what she was consuming. All the ladies had this routine they needed to go on. It was ridiculous. I used to be already ravenous myself and as skinny as I might probably be for this physique, and I used to be nonetheless a [size] 4. That was already folks placing a number of Spanx on me in wardrobe fittings and being very upset once they noticed me, the costume designer being like, “Nobody told me there would be girls like you.” Really intense suggestions about my physicality, my physique, folks doing my make-up and being like, “I’m just going to help you out by giving you a bit more of a jawline and stuff.” Just the suggestions was always like, “You’re not beautiful. You’re not beautiful.” In your early 20s, a lot of it’s about magnificence, and the way folks reply to you, and do folks need to fuck you? Do folks assume you’re their greatest pal? Even the very best pal factor, I began to be like, “I don’t want to do that too many times.”

At the beginning of production, Lynskey sent an email to the actresses who play the younger versions of the main characters: “ ‘Whatever you need, if you need a voice, if you need someone to go to the producers for you, whatever you need,’ and they were kind of like, ‘Cool. Thanks.’ They’re fine.”

At the start of manufacturing, Lynskey despatched an electronic mail to the actresses who play the youthful variations of the primary characters: ” ‘Whatever you need, if you need a voice, if you need someone to go to the producers for you, whatever you need,’ they usually had been type of like, ‘Cool. Thanks.’ They’re high quality.”

Did you must unlearn something that individuals tried to show you once you had been beginning out?

LEWIS I had developed such a survival mechanism to guard my autonomy, type of, “You don’t own me. You don’t tell me my value. Only I do.” I used to be extraordinarily self-critical — it nonetheless occurs — of my work. It’s almost like a protection mechanism that nobody might speak shit about me greater than I can. There’s all these items which might be wrapped up in find out how to survive a system. That’s what I’m unlearning as we speak — to be softer. This is a extremely outstanding business to be part of. I really feel honored to be part of it and what it gave me, however I do nonetheless maintain on to what it took from me in my youth.

Given what you all skilled coming into the business, do you’re feeling in any respect protecting of the youthful actresses who play the youthful variations of your characters?

LYNSKEY (Begins to cry.) So a lot. I really feel very protecting. At the start of manufacturing, I despatched all of them an electronic mail, and I simply was like, “Whatever you need, if you need a voice, if you need someone to go to the producers for you, whatever you need,” they usually had been type of like, “Cool. Thanks.” They’re high quality.

CYPRESS Totally high quality. Jas [Jasmin Savoy Brown] was a boss on set. She’s like, “This is how we’re doing my hair. This is what we’re doing.”

RICCI They’re very a lot of a special technology.

CYPRESS I’m protecting of Jas in the truth that she is so sexually optimistic, which I really like. She has taught me a lot, simply realizing her as an individual. But I’m like a mama bear to her, or an enormous sister. I’m like, “What are you putting online right now?” She’s like, “Whatever. Whatever. This is life, man. I love myself.” I’m protecting, however I’m additionally in awe of her, you understand?

LEWIS But there’s a factor I all the time need to say to younger folks: Cultivate different pursuits deeply so that you just’re not getting all of your life’s blood from this business, or your self-worth.

“Growing older, I have embraced my Jersey side, and I am who I am, and this is what you get,” says Cypress.

“Growing older, I have embraced my Jersey side, and I am who I am, and this is what you get,” says Cypress.

Is there something you miss concerning the ’90s?

LYNSKEY I’ve a number of love letters from the ’90s.

RICCI Someone used to fax me love letters when he was on tour. I didn’t save them. I throw every thing out. I had a particular factor after I was a baby, that we’d be punished by the issues that we beloved being destroyed. My husband, who’s a a lot more healthy particular person, has gone again and located all my previous journal covers on Etsy as a result of he thinks it’s horrible that I by no means saved them. As a baby, I realized that that is going to be taken from me, so why reserve it anyway?

LYNSKEY That’s heartbreaking. Well, I saved every thing as a result of I’m mainly an emotional hoarder. I’ve this literal suitcase, an old school suitcase.

RICCI This may be very darkish, however I’d identical to to return to that age and do it over once more and never make so many fucking errors. Honestly, I remorse a lot.

CYPRESS Me too. One thousand p.c.

LEWIS Me too.

RICCI I’d like to return to 1996 and be like, “All right … we had a practice run. It went OK, but it wasn’t really as great as we wanted it to be. We’re going to do this again.” People who’re like, “I have no regrets.” What fucking magic life did you reside?

LEWIS Where they go, “I don’t regret anything because that led up to this moment.” Really? The factor that would’ve put my dad in an early grave, I fucking remorse it. Yes. I used to be very scary as a younger teenage particular person.

CYPRESS Yeah. I harm lots of people rising up, and I want that I didn’t. I used to be going by means of my reminiscence field. It was my great-great-grandmother’s she introduced over from Hungary. It’s enormous, and it’s crammed to the brim with every thing from my life. I got here throughout a observe from highschool. It was my first homosexual pal, and it broke my coronary heart as a result of he was like, “I want to thank you for not talking to me anymore and just cutting me off the way that you did. It made it hurt less.” I actually was crying, and I needed to name him and be like, “I just came across this note, and I’m so sorry that I was that person to you.” When I believe again, I believe how great our relationship was, however I used to be a shit, you understand? I’d positively accomplish that many issues in a different way.

LEWIS I’ve had these moments the place I become … Because I’ve been bullied, however after I was 11 and acquired in a battle with a lady, I used to be imply [the same way] how a lady was imply to me. I used to be actually vicious.

LYNSKEY I believe folks with out regrets are narcissists. I believe they’re mendacity to themselves.

RICCI Denial is the one approach to stand up that river.

“I’d like to go back to 1996 and be like, ‘All right, we had a practice run. It went OK, but it wasn’t really as great as we wanted it to be. We’re going to do this again,’ ” says Ricci of mistakes she made growing up in Hollywood. “Honestly, I regret so much.”

“I’d like to go back to 1996 and be like, ‘All right, we had a practice run. It went OK, but it wasn’t really as great as we wanted it to be. We’re going to do this again,’ ” says Ricci of errors she made rising up in Hollywood. “Honestly, I regret so much.”

What did you all really feel once you realized that Roe v. Wade was overturned?

RICCI It’s actually horrible to be informed so plainly what your worth is.

LEWIS I want the 2 factions can speak, like, “Hey, what do you do with a bad situation, poverty and drug addiction, and rape?” You need to have an choice that’s salvageable or is sustainable for the survival of an individual, a lady who’s living.

CYPRESS I don’t actually give a shit what your motive to have an abortion is. It’s your fucking physique. I don’t actually fucking care. You don’t need to be a mother, proper? That’s your fucking determination. Look, we will put morals on it and say, “Well, only when you’re raped, or only if it’s …” It’s like no, dude. It’s both in or out. We’re both telling ladies what to do with their our bodies or we allow them to have their very own selection. I’m of the thoughts, selection. I’m not going to guage you for making that call.

LYNSKEY And there appears to be this normal lack of compassion and empathy that’s simply rising and rising. There’s a lot hatred, and persons are unable to take a look at one other particular person’s life and go, “Oh, you know, that’s an untenable situation,” and even, “That’s a difficult situation.” There’s no grace given to anyone else. There’s no empathy. You don’t get to make choices for anyone else. You don’t know what’s proper for them.

Is there a spot for TV and movie in that dialog?

CYPRESS I imply, that’s what TV and movie do. That’s what artwork is. On Yellowjackets, let’s discuss Shauna’s child within the woods, you understand? Yeah. I believe we have now a number of room to talk on this topic, and I hope we do.

Did anyone have their children on set for season one?

LYNSKEY (Points to Ricci.) We did.

RICCI And I used to be pregnant. I didn’t inform anybody however these women that I used to be pregnant for six months. When we began, I used to be six weeks pregnant. It was tough. There had been so many instances the place I used to be like, “Ooh, when they find out I’m pregnant, and they made me sit in this smoky room all day. When they realize that they made me stand for eight hours, and I’m pregnant, and I have this horrible sciatica, and it’s 100 degrees, oh, they’re going to feel so bad.” They didn’t really feel unhealthy in any respect. But anyway, it was high quality. In reality, it might’ve been useful if I used to be enjoying a extra emotional character as a result of I can provide an actual good efficiency after I’m pregnant, actual emo.

Ricci as Misty: “I don’t think she actually is interested in men at all. I think she does it because she’s bored or because she thinks that’s what she’s supposed to do.”

Ricci as Misty: “I don’t think she actually is interested in men at all. I think she does it because she’s bored or because she thinks that’s what she’s supposed to do.”

How would you end the sentence, “Yellowjackets is really about …”?



CYPRESS Friendship.

RICCI Haunting, the way in which trauma haunts you. The approach you possibly can by no means escape. The approach it twists folks in several methods.

LEWIS Aberrant survival ways.

We know that these characters have performed a bunch of aberrant issues, as you say, together with cannibalism. But do you may have in your thoughts an concept that, “OK, she may have eaten another human being, but she would never do this“?

RICCI I know when they confront me because I’m like, “OK, she wouldn’t do that.” Misty wouldn’t drink that drink. Originally, within the script, she was ingesting a Brandy Alexander, and I mentioned, “No, Misty would drink a chocolate martini.” I’ve rules and stuff for her in my head, they usually do battle with the writers generally. I don’t assume she truly is serious about males, in any respect. I believe she does it as a result of she’s bored, or as a result of she thinks that’s what she’s imagined to do. Then, she’s additionally realized that she will have a number of enjoyable making an attempt to trick them into having intercourse along with her once they don’t need to. It’s like males will type of know that you just don’t need to have intercourse with them, but when they’ll get you to have intercourse with them, they received.

LEWIS It’s an influence factor.

RICCI Misty’s approach of doing it’s by means of this actually horrible manipulation, making him really feel responsible and having intercourse along with her whereas feeling responsible, which might be a horrible expertise.

When you may have a special perspective in your character than the writers, what do you do?

RICCI That’s a part of the factor with TV that I’ve realized now, being concerned in a manufacturing however not being one of many EPs, so that you aren’t part of creating what folks do. “OK, they wrote this scene. I have to play this scene. If she was in this situation, how the fuck would she be in this situation, and why would she be?” Then, you don’t have to inform different folks what you provide you with. They can discover out about it later once you do press.

Does anyone else have a line of their thoughts that their character wouldn’t cross?

LYNSKEY I had one. There was one thing written right into a script the place I used to be happening a date with my lover, they usually had me going into my daughter’s bed room and taking her underwear, which was simply not sensible as a result of I wouldn’t match it. She’s little. But additionally, ew. I believe there was one thing, apparently, someplace, folks preferred the factor within the pilot the place I’m masturbating in my daughter’s bed room. I used to be like, “Can that just be an isolated incident? I don’t want it to be a theme.” So I simply was like, “I don’t want to do that.” They had been nice about it.

LEWIS It comes, I believe, with expertise and respect, that they respect when you’ve got a viewpoint. I’ve an “anything goes” stamp on me, which all of them know. But I’ve robust concepts, particularly about my trajectory in midlife. I’ve checked out Natural Born Killers lately, and I’m like, “Jesus.” Thank goodness I had a accomplice like Woody Harrelson, however it’s so sexual. No one pressured me into that. I used to be a younger nihilist who didn’t give a fuck, and I felt snug with Woody, and I preferred the fabric. But these days, I’m very explicit. So, that they had written a intercourse scene, and I used to be like, “I don’t know. I don’t know that she even gets off. I don’t know that she even can have orgasms.” That’s how deep I went. So it was extra like, is she doing one thing to get one thing? At the tip of the day, I simply didn’t even assume she fucks, sorry to be so graphic, at this juncture that you just noticed in season one. I believe she would possibly’ve had relationships with all of them within the wilderness. I don’t know in the event that they’re going to write down it, however that’s what I’d like to consider Natalie.

LYNSKEY That’s what I believe too.

RICCI What? I by no means considered that. Who would they be making out with? I suppose one another.

From left: Ricci as Misty, Lewis as Natalie, Cypress as Taissa and Lynskey as Shauna in Yellowjackets .

From left: Ricci as Misty, Lewis as Natalie, Cypress as Taissa and Lynskey as Shauna in Yellowjackets .

The finale hints that there could also be extra Yellowjackets who survived into maturity. Have actors been solid for these roles?

LEWIS Wait, Melanie, didn’t you say that on our chain, that somebody we like is solid to be … (At this level there’s significant eye contact among the many 4 ladies.)

RICCI We don’t know for positive. That’s what we’ve heard was near taking place.

LYNSKEY We don’t know something.

On season one, you had been making this present underneath the radar. Now there’s a lot fan hypothesis. Does that change the way in which you approach the work?

RICCI There’s extra stress going into season two.

CYPRESS Have you guys additionally had that feeling of like, “Can I do this? Is it going to be good, the second season? Am I going to fuck this character up?”

LYNSKEY I’ve these fears.

RICCI Me too, however as a result of TV is so quick, and you’ve got so little time with the knowledge, the method of speaking concerning the present afterward lets you evolve your take in your character. To perceive issues that had been meant with the character that perhaps weren’t clear initially since you get to listen to the EPs discuss it. I’m going to make adjustments within the subsequent season based mostly on what I’ve come to understand by means of all this speaking.

Like what?

RICCI Well, that’s a secret.

How a lot do you need to know concerning the path that your character is on?

CYPRESS Fuck, I need to know every thing. I sit there, and after I take into consideration the present, I believe, “What the fuck are they going to do with this character?” There’s so many various elements to her proper now. The canine factor. She’s now a senator. There could also be an previous love coming again, you understand? I’m like, “How are they going to do this?” I simply need to know.

LYNSKEY Now you’re a full-time canine killer.

RICCI I didn’t even know that you just had been imagined to be the one which killed the canine.


RICCI I believed, “Oh, well maybe somebody broke in.”

LYNSKEY That might nonetheless be, proper?

CYPRESS Wait, give me extra to consider.

So you don’t go to the writers and say, “To be clear, did I kill the dog?”

CYPRESS Oh, we do. They simply say, “Mmm.”

RICCI “We don’t know.”

CYPRESS But they do know.

RICCI I don’t assume they’re making an attempt to manage us with no data or something. Sometimes, they don’t need to decide to one thing that hasn’t been essentially set in stone. I do discover it irritating to not know, and we’re by no means capable of know absolutely. I’ve determined to discover ways to perform with realizing nothing.

Interview edited for size and readability.

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