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Journalist Tim O’Brien, who’s seen Trump’s taxes, thinks Trump’s accountant will now flip in D.A. inquiry

Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien, one of many few journalists who has seen former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, instructed MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Thursday evening he’ll sleep higher now that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance lastly has eight years of Trump’s monetary paperwork, from 2011 to 2019. Trump “is very afraid of what’s in these documents, I think,” as a result of they put him in severe prison jeopardy, O’Brien mentioned, however he is not the one one implicated. O’Brien went on to clarify why he thinks it is possible Trump’s chief accountant, Allen Weisselberg, is prone to flip on Trump. “The thing to really focus in on here is that it’s not just the tax records that Cy Vance has now,” O’Brien mentioned. “He probably has reams and reams of the accountant’s work product. This is a criminal case, they’re going to need to prove criminal intent on the part of Trump, his three eldest children, Allen Weisselberg, and anyone else in the Trump Organization who’s fallen under the parameters of this investigation. And if there are email and notes and other records of communication about what they intended to do when they inflated the value of buildings so they could get loans against them and then turned around and deflated the value of the buildings so they could pay lower taxes on them, and there’s a communication around that that predates any of these tax entries, that is gold for a prosecutor.” A number of hours earlier, O’Brien instructed MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that the actual eight years of paperwork Vance’s group has “is important, because it predates Trump’s ascent into the White House, and I think helps build the narrative around the money trail and Trump’s motivations for his destructive and obscene dance with people like Vladimir Putin. It’s a shame they couldn’t go back further — think this is one of the tragic misses of Robert Mueller’s investigation, he could have gone back further, I think, than Cy Vance is able to into Trump’s finances.” O’Brien additionally underscored that the investigation implicates not less than Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, and “it also targets people inside the Trump Organization who might flip on Trump if they’re exposed to criminal liability,” however “the brass ring in all of this is that if Trump has a criminal conviction, he cannot run for president again, and that’s looming over this entire thing as well.” More tales from theweek.comDemocrats ought to take the Romney-Cotton proposal criticallyThe MyPillow man is perhaps Trump’s final chumpThe GOP’s apathy for governing is being uncovered

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