India being run by extremists, says PM Imran

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India being run by extremists, says PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that India has been taken over by the extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) terming it a tragedy for the area, warning the world that New Delhi was being run by extremists.

In an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), the premier stated that India had been taken over by an extremist ideology often known as Hindutva which was impressed by the Nazis of Germany, and its [Hindutva’s] founding fathers believed in racial supremacy.

“It is a tragedy for India — and for its neighbours — that the country has been taken over by RSS, an organisation which also assassinated the great Mahatma Gandhi. A nuclear-armed country is being run by extremists, and Kashmir has been under siege for over five months,” he stated.

The prime ministers remarks got here in response to questions on tensions in South Asia and the occupation of Kashmir by Indian forces. 

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“Just as the Nazi ideology was built on hatred for minorities, the RSS ideology is also based on hatred for Muslims and other minorities, including Christians,” PM Imran stated.

“I was the first leader to warn the world about what is happening in India. India has been taken over by an extremist ideology known as Hindutva. It is the ideology of RSS. The RSS, a political organisation founded in 1925, inspired by the German Nazis,” he famous.

‘Commercial pursuits extra essential for western nations’

In response to a query in regards to the disproportionate protection accorded to protests in Hong Kong versus the siege of occupied Kashmir, PM Imran stated that the tragedy of Kashmir was a lot larger however business pursuits are extra essential for western nations.

“Unfortunately, commercial interests are more important for Western countries. India is a big market and that is the reason behind the lukewarm response to what is happening to some eight million people in Kashmir, as well as to minorities in India,” he famous.

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The premier additionally informed DW that Germany may play an enormous function within the Kashmir problem because it was the strongest nation in Europe, and famous that he had spoken to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose response had been to make an announcement in regards to the problem in India.

‘Conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran can be disastrous for Pakistan’

In the interview, PM Imran was additionally requested a sequence of overseas coverage questions on Pakistan and the significance Islamabad hooked up to balancing ties with Beijing and Washington, whereas making an attempt to barter a peace deal for war-torn Afghanistan.

“It’s true that we live in a difficult neighborhood and we have to balance our actions. For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of Pakistan’s greatest friends and has always been there for us. Then we have Iran, with which we have always maintained a good relationship,” the premier stated.

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“Therefore, a military conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran would be disastrous for Pakistan. We are trying our best to make sure that ties between these two countries do not deteriorate. It is a region that cannot afford another conflict,” PM Imran harassed.

“Then there is Afghanistan. Pakistan is doing its best to bring peace to Afghanistan. It is a country that has suffered so much in the past 40 years. We pray that the Taliban, the Americans and the Afghan government achieve peace,” he maintained.

‘Pakistan performed its half in US-Taliban talks’

“I think they are heading towards a ceasefire. We are hoping that the US-Taliban talks succeed, as we have a new government in power in Afghanistan with President Ashraf Ghani being re-elected,” PM Imran remarked when requested in regards to the Afghan state of affairs.

“Peace in Afghanistan would open up trading opportunities in Central Asia. It [Afghanistan] would also become an economic corridor for us. If there is peace in Afghanistan, our people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders Afghanistan, will also benefit,” he stated.

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“Pakistan has played its part in peace talks. There was a hostage situation and with Pakistan’s efforts, two out of three Western hostages were released. So, we are doing our best with whatever influence we have,” he added.