Infographic: Which nations nonetheless have the demise penalty?

October 10 marks the World Day Against the Death Penalty. Here are three graphics explaining the punishment world wide.

October 10 marks the World Day Against the Death Penalty. The theme this yr is concentrated on safeguarding the well being and rights of girls and women world wide.

According to Amnesty International’s 2020 demise penalty report, greater than two-thirds of the world has now abolished the demise penalty in legislation or observe.

A complete of 108 nations have utterly abolished the demise penalty for all crimes, 28 nations have successfully abolished the demise penalty by ​​not executing anybody over the previous 10 years and 55 nations nonetheless retain the demise penalty for odd crimes.

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Executions and sentences in 2020

At least 483 folks have been recognized to have been executed in 2020, the bottom determine that Amnesty International has recorded over the previous decade. Executions in 2020 fell by 26 % in contrast with 2019, when 657 have been registered; and by 70 % from the height of 1,634 executions reported by the worldwide human rights group in 2015.

Four nations – Iran (a minimum of 246), Egypt (a minimum of 107), Iraq (a minimum of 45) and Saudi Arabia (27) – accounted for 88 % of all recognized executions in 2020.

The recorded international totals don’t embody the hundreds of executions that Amnesty International believed have been carried out in China, the place information on the demise penalty is classed as a state secret.

Amnesty International recorded that 16 ladies have been among the many 483 folks recognized to have been executed in 2020. Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide estimates that a minimum of 800 ladies have been sentenced to demise world wide.

INTERACTIVE - Executions and death sentences in 2020 Amnesty(Al Jazeera)

Methods of executions by nation in 2020

Five totally different strategies of execution have been utilized in 2020. The most typical strategies have been hanging and capturing, which have been utilized in 15 totally different nations.

Lethal injection is probably the most extensively used technique of execution within the United States, however some states authorise different strategies, together with electrocution, fuel chamber, hanging and firing squad. Beheading with a sword is the predominant type of execution in Saudi Arabia.

INTERACTIVE - Methods of execution(Al Jazeera)


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