Kashmir was by no means a part of India and by no means will it ever be: Pakistan


Pakistan slammed New Delhi for the “worst form of state terrorism” towards the oppressed folks of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, saying that Jammu and Kashmir just isn’t part of the Indian state — it has by no means been, nor will it ever be.

Pakistan Mission’s First Secretary Muhammad Zulqarnain Chheena, whereas delivering the primary Right of Reply in the course of the 75th session of the United National General Assembly, made that comment.

He additionally mentioned that occupied Jammu and Kashmir “will be free one day”.

“Jammu & Kashmir is not a part of India: it never was and it never will be. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognised disputed territory as decreed by the Security Council,” mentioned the diplomat.

The Kashmir dispute, he mentioned, might be settled as per the desire of the folks as expressed via the democratic methodology of a free and neutral plebiscite below the auspices of the United Nations.

He mentioned the Kashmiri folks have a respectable proper to withstand the Indian occupation by all means at their disposal.

The Pakistani diplomat mentioned the Kashmiris’ simply battle can’t be denigrated or described as terrorism. It is the occupying state which is responsible of terrorism towards the occupied folks, he identified.

“The Indian right of reply was another shameful attempt to deflect the attention from the real issues. India, however, will not be able to escape accountability for its crimes,” said Chheena.

Indian UN Mission’s First Secretary Mijito Vinito had said on Friday: “The chief of Pakistan [PM Imran Khan] right this moment known as for many who incite hate and violence to be outlawed. But, as he went on, we have been left questioning, was he referring to himself?”

Vinito had walked out during Khan’s speech at the UN forum.

“Let me assert right here loud and clear. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inalienable a part of India. The rules and legislations introduced within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are strictly inside affairs of India,” the Indian diplomat had claimed.

Exercising its right of reply to India’s reply, Chheena highlighted the role of the BJP and RSS, saying the Shaheen Bagh riots in Delhi earlier this year exposed the Hindutva ideology.

The RSS-BJP were changing India’s history to obliterate the thousand years of Muslim civilisation and culture, he said.

“The charred streets of Delhi not solely expose the Hindutva ideology in all its ‘intolerant glory’, additionally they manifested the trusted methodology that #Hinduextremists have resorted to — from Gujarat in 2002 to Delhi in 2020, to handle the ‘Muslim Menace’,” he tweeted an excerpt of his speech.

“It’s no secret that the architects of the Gujarat massacre were also the masterminds of the Delhi pogrom. Just like the victims of Gujarat, the victims of Delhi will no doubt search in vain for justice in this new bastion of fascism.”

Underlining the oppression of India in Indian occupied Kashmir, the Pakistani diplomat said the Kashmiri people have been resolutely facing India’s state terrorism, noting that over 70,000 Kashmiri people have been martyred under Indian occupation.

Moreover, he said, India knows a lot about terrorism, as it has used terrorism against each of its neighbours, its people and against the innocent people of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pakistani diplomat underlined that India is actively involved in orchestrating, financing and providing logistical support to terrorist organisations like the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and the Jamaat-ul-Ahraar to target Pakistan from across the border.

“Indian has hired and organised criminal groups located at our western borders to conduct terrorist attacks in Pakistan, especially to disrupt the development of the western and southern regions of my country.”

Making a mention of the Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, captured by Pakistan, the first secretary said the Indian intelligence agent had confessed that he was organising and supporting these criminal groups to perpetrate terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan and our entire region, he continued, faces Hindutva terrorism as well.

He said the BJP and RSS extremists continue to espouse the fiction of Akhand Baharat [or Greater India] which represents their desire for a unified sub-continent dominated by the Hindu religion where minorities are either converted to Hinduism or become second-class citizens.