Kazakhstan’s First President chairs Extraordinary XX Congress of Nur Otan celebration


The First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasised in his speech on the jubilee Congress that the Nur Otan celebration is immediately the primary political power of the nation.
The chairman of the Nur Otan celebration famous the important thing achievements of the nation’s improvement through the years of independence.
“In 30 years, Kazakhstan has achieved significant social and economic success, first of all due to the implementation of radical reforms focused on the market economy and modernisation of the country. Market reforms, industrialisation and the inflow of foreign investment have become the engines of productivity growth, and have ensured economic growth, significant increase in employment and reduction in social stratification in society,” the Leader of the Nation stated.
Nazarbayev confused that over time of independence, Kazakhstan has created its personal distinctive normal of nationwide unity, turning ethnic range into a bonus. The key function on this course of, as Elbasy famous, is assigned to the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.
“Our financial ‘safety cushion’ has become the National Fund, created during a period of high economic growth. We have updated the social infrastructure by building 1,400 new hospitals and clinics, 1,800 schools, and 900 kindergartens. Within the framework of the adopted Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2050,” we’re purposefully transferring in direction of the requirements of developed OECD nations,” the First President of Kazakhstan stated.
Nazarbayev elaborated on the work of the celebration through the pandemic, in addition to the method of ‘rebooting’ Nur Otan.
“Our party is the largest political force with experience in management and serious human resources in all regions. In terms of the composition quality, Nur Otan is a projection of the entire Kazakh society. Therefore, we firmly intend to continue working for the prosperity of the country and all the people of Kazakhstan”, the First President stated.
Nursultan Nazarbayev famous that the celebration has all the time been and can proceed to be guided by three fundamental ideas: accountability, staff unity, and adherence to widespread beliefs and targets.
“The Nur Otan Party Program announced today is ambitious, but at the same time the goals and targets are calculated and supported by financial and human resources. The program is a logical continuation of our reform course. Throughout the years of independence, I have always set clear goals and said that to achieve them it is necessary to work hard and tirelessly, overcoming many difficulties”, the Chairman of the Nur Otan celebration stated.
Nazarbeyev confused that the celebration has expertise in finishing up reforms and the political will to implement all of the plans.
“The new party program will be executed. It will ensure further modernisation of the country and improve the quality of life of all Kazakhs. To achieve a successful election campaign, the party needs to organise the coordinated work of the country and regional headquarters. Candidates, activists and proxies should visit all the regions and reach every voter,” the First President of Kazakhstan stated.
Nazarbayev nominated Bauyrzhan Baibek, the primary deputy chairman of the celebration, as the top of the country-wide marketing campaign headquarters.
In conclusion, the Chairman of the celebration assured that he would proceed his work for the good thing about preserving the independence and integrity of the nation, the unity of the folks round President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and the additional improvement of the state.
As a results of the Congress, the electoral program of the celebration “The Path of Changes: a Decent Life for Everyone” was adopted. In addition, the celebration checklist for the elections to the Mazhilis of Parliament of 126 celebration members was authorized.