Khattar blames Congress of hatching Pegasus controversy to derail Parliament session

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar Wednesday focused Congress and The Wire for making an attempt to derail the proceedings of the continued Monsoon session of Parliament by floating the Pegasus cellphone tapping controversy.

In a press convention, he stated, “For the ongoing session, it was decided to discuss various schemes for women, youth and backward classes but Congress always has a target of getting involved with certain forces to derail the proceedings whenever there is a possibility of a good thing.”

Questioning the timing of the controversy, Khattar stated, “Their (Congress) timing is always set. When they see they have nothing else to debate on, they indulge in such things and hatch a conspiracy with the support of foreign forces.”

Calling The Wire a Left-backed platform, he stated, “The Pegasus conspiracy came to the fore on July 18, just one day before the Parliament session began, through The Wire, which is a Leftist publication and a nexus of Leftists.”

Responding to a query that 17 media organisations have collectively launched the findings about Pegasus, Khattar stated, “The Wire is one of those. (The) Wire is Leftist. All these (media organisations) are those who have no attachment with any country. They all work according to their own style of functioning. They are not organisations who have love for any nation, nor are they patriots.”

He additional added, “A few days ago in Europe, an organisation called Amnesty published these stories on their website. Amnesty published it there, The Wire picked it up here and flared it up. Why should we tap phones? In any way, whatever these people say in public is laughable and they bear the consequences. We do not have any need to dig into their inner stories. The story’s authenticity can be gauged from the fact that Amnesty’s existence is questionable. When Amnesty started working in India, they were asked about their source of funding. Instead of replying to that, Amnesty packed its bags and moved out of India. How can a story published by an organisation which cannot disclose its source of funding be believed? That means, somewhere, these people are connected with each other and want to damage India’s reputation.”

He additional stated, “I directly blame Congress. If not against us or Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they should at least be concerned about the country’s reputation. They should stay careful about what they are saying as it impacts our country’s image globally. They should not play such games, otherwise it will damage the country and the faith in us (India) will be reduced. Our country today has reached a certain level globally because of the policies of Narendra Modi and NDA.

Claiming to have gathered information from various sources on the controversy, Khattar said, “I have collected all information from various sources. I condemn such stories, the controversy that Congress has stoked to damage the country’s reputation in a systematic manner.”

On France ordering a probe into the Pegasus controversy, Khattar stated, “Let them do it. We shall comment on it once they release their findings.”


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