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Kristin Cavallari says marriage to Jay Cutler was ‘poisonous’ and ‘unhealthy’: ‘I used to be actually sad’

Kristin Cavallari is speaking divorce and courting in a brand new interview, together with how she will not be getting again along with previous flame/new podcast associate Stephen Colletti.

The actuality star candidly answered all questions on the Call Her Daddy podcast, together with the more durable ones — about what made her marriage with former NFL star Jay Cutler “toxic,” a phrase she has used to explain it previously.

“So here’s my only thing because I have three kids with him,” the Very Cavallari alum started. “I’m very careful about what I say — if you and I don’t have microphones in front of us, I’d f***ing tell you — but that’s their dad and my oldest Googles us now and I just want to be very careful. My mom never said anything bad about my dad growing up [after they divorced] and I really respected that and I want to be that kind of mom.”

That mentioned, “It was toxic. Period. End of story. That’s all I kind of need to say,” the 35-year-old answered.

VERY CAVALLARI -- Episode 206

Kristin Cavallari and ex-husband Jay Cutler in Very Cavallari. (Photo: Jake Giles Netter/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal through Getty Images)

Cavallari mentioned that when she and Cutler obtained collectively, post-The Hills after just a few get together woman years, “At the time in my life, he was perfect for me,” saying it was “easy and fun.” However, she additionally spoke about “red flags” over “dealbreaker” behaviors.

“I called off [our] engagement [in 2011 for] the same reason I got a divorce,” she mentioned. “Same reasons I should say. So I guess if there’s any take away from that is: You can’t ignore red flags.”

They introduced their cut up in 2020, however says it was lengthy overdue. “It took me a few years to actually pull the trigger to be honest for you,” she mentioned.

The Uncommon James founder known as divorce scary, unhappy but in addition “the best thing… With any relationship, you just have to realize what are dealbreakers for you … and I was really unhappy. That was the bottom line. And I was in an unhealthy relationship. So that, to me, is not worth it. Also, I didn’t want my kids thinking that that was normal. I wanted them to see me happy and see me — not right now, but eventually — with someone who really respects me and treats me the way I need to be treated.

Since then, she’s been again within the courting sport. Despite the toxicity, a few dates have been along with her ex-husband. She’s additionally shared a kiss with ex Colletti, her highschool boyfriend, as Laguna Beach followers keep in mind, and co-host of her new podcast, Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.

“I went to dinner with him almost two years ago and we kissed, which was fun,” she mentioned of her Colletti reunion. “I was actually dating someone at the time — [and] just making up for lost time — so … it kind of just didn’t turn into anything” extra.

She claimed that is the tip of it, saying, “Once I’m done with someone, I’m done. It’s like a light switch that flips and I can’t go back.”

She had plenty of enjoyable courting tales, each from again within the day to current. In one, she talked about happening a date two months earlier with an “actor” she did not establish. The meetup went horribly fallacious — in the course of a busy L.A. bar/restaurant.

“He was slamming drinks,” she recalled. “We were sitting at the bar. It’s f***ing packed. He gets up to re-enact a stunt that he had done [and] accidentally runs into the waiter and is like, ‘Oh I’m so sorry.’ I was like, Please sit the f*** down. He’s creating all this commotion in the middle of Laurel Hardware.”

She additionally talked about being pursued by youthful males.

“I’ve been attracting a lot of guys in their twenties,” she mentioned. “I don’t know what that’s about… You guys know I have three kids, right?”

For the document, Cavallari mentioned 30 is her minimal age whereas a 45-year-old businessman who is not on social media is her very best. She pointed to Alexander Skarsgård, of Big Little Lies, as her superstar crush.

Cavallari additionally mentioned a person who’s safe in himself is a should — in addition to somebody who’s OK with who she is having dated some guys who get a “taste of fame and they lose their mind. They become addicted to it almost, or it’s really threatening… They get really jealous and insecure.”

She additionally needs him to make the primary move — although not, we repeat, not through DM.

“Where I’m at currently in my life, I want to be pursued,” she mentioned. “I want to be f***ing courted. I want the man to put in some f***ing effort. Because guys now — again, I was with Jay for 10 years, this is my first time dating in the social media world — it’s like it’s a f***ing shit show out there. I hate every second of it. But guys are lazy as f*** now — and they’re always looking for the next best thing. So it’s like, no, I’m sorry, I don’t have time for your little bulls*** anymore. Like let me see how serious you are and put in the effort. So, no, I’m not making the first move.

“Now I’m so completely different courting,” she said. “I see s*** a mile away and it is like, no, I’m truly not going to place up with that.”


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