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Maggie Q speaks out on her expertise as a mannequin: ‘So poisonous and gross’

Actress Maggie Q, 42, Spoke Out About Her Experience In The Modeling. (Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images For Imdb)

Actress Maggie Q, 42, spoke out about her expertise within the modeling. (Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Maggie Q is talking out about her expertise modeling in her teenagers in Japan and her final disillusionment with the business, which she calls “so toxic and gross and one that I would never recommend anybody go into.”

“I remember the agency that I was with, they had a whiteboard on the wall and with all our names on it and they weighed you every Friday and they put your weight on the wall, but they kept all the previous weights for all the previous weeks on the wall,” Q, who stars reverse Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton within the new movie The Protégé, informed Salon. “They kept it there so that people could see if you were yo-yoing, going up and down. It was like a wall of shame. If you gained a pound, everyone knew it and could see it.”

Adding that “eating was discouraged,” Q mentioned the system “was intended to shame you into either never eating, having an eating disorder or feeling really bad about yourself and it’s disgusting. It’s really gross.”

Q informed the publication that she stayed lean on the time partly as a result of she could not afford to purchase meals for the day. 

“I stayed really slim because I really couldn’t have three meals a day because I couldn’t afford them,” she defined. “And they were like, ‘Look at Maggie. She’s so awesome because she’s always so skinny.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t say that to people when I can’t afford food.'”

As Q pivoted to performing, she discovered related exploitative conduct within the movie business, however calls the adjustments ushered in by means of the #MeToo motion “really awesome.”

“I mean, the fact that there are certain people who can’t get away with things now is just… I mean, I remember the days when being in those dinners where the big guy walked into the room and everybody had to kiss his ass in a way that was just really demeaning and awful, and those people are now sitting in jail and it’s really awesome because the abuse was just so rampant and blatant,” she defined. “No one was hiding something.

“It wasn’t till folks began talking up in numbers that it turned one thing that was a risk to those folks,” she continued “But the an increasing number of and extra folks have faith and braveness to return ahead, it turns into actually, really plain.”

While she frequently comments on the need for gender pay equity, Q says she primarily does so when discussing migrant workers, rather than women in the film industry.

“For me, my focus has at all times been on the ladies who’ve none, who nobody is taking note of, who can scream into the wind all day lengthy and nobody’s going to listen to them,” she said. “I believe that no matter finish you combat on, do it. I simply wish to lend my voice to individuals who do not have one.”

These days, Q is known for tackling her own stunts on set. But just two months before she was due to start working on The Protégé, she underwent major back surgery. Still, she chose to come back to work, despite her doctor advising her to rest at home for three more months.

“Everyone round me was terrified,” she admitted. “Everyone round me did not need me to get damage and needed me to self-preserve. I believe that I did discover the stability. I believe that I labored exhausting, however I believe on the similar time, I used to be capable of internally go, ‘Maggie, take heed to your self and take heed to your physique.’ And for what it is price, the physique let me do issues. I do not know why as a result of I so imply to it for 20 years.”


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