Missing Marine sentry outdoors West Wing sparks White House questions


The absence of a Marine sentry outdoors the West Wing on Monday raised questions on whether or not President Biden was protecting the schedule publicly outlined by his aides.

Why it issues: A certain technique to inform if the president is contained in the Oval Office is that if the spit-shined Marine is on the publish, opening the door to the West Wing. A pool reporter questioning whether or not there had been a change in coverage acquired an easier, circa-2021 response: the Marine was getting a COVID take a look at.

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  • “The president was in the Oval Office this morning working, receiving the PDB and all the things that you’re aware of from the schedule. There hasn’t been a change of policy,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated through the day by day briefing.

The backstory: Biden’s schedule stated he could be within the Oval receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing at 9: 45 a.m. The sentry was absent at the moment.

  • Pooler Debra Saunders, White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, instructed her off-campus colleagues at 9:58 a.m.: “There is no Marine standing outside the front door. … Apparently, the Marine no longer is an indicator that POTUS is in the Oval.”

  • Psaki and different aides later clarified.

Bottom line: The White House says it is a “misnomer” a Marine should be current when the president is contained in the Oval.

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