Nagaland MP raises AFSPA situation in Parliament in gentle of latest killings

In the absence of the federal government and Opposition resolving their variations over the suspension of 12 MPs within the Rajya Sabha, the protesting Opposition members allowed on Wednesday Naga People’s Front’s KG Kenye to boost the difficulty of latest killing of civilians in a botched Army operation.

Kenye, talking concerning the problems with the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), mentioned that when it was introduced on the ground of this August House, “it was followed by a marathon debate… which stretched on for days together”.

The members, he mentioned, hailed from completely different elements of the nation “and they expressed their serious apprehensions about the misuse and abuse of this special power, if it was to be used by the Armed Forces against innocent civilians with impunity and, they will go scot free without any prosecution from any court of law, without the previous sanction of the central government.”

It was this “grave danger in visioning the grave consequences that would bear on this country, they had vehemently and stiffly opposed the enactment” of AFSPA.

“In the light of what has transpired in the last 63 years up to December 4 this year, it turned out” that they have been “prophetic and they have been proven to be correct”.

AFSPA, he mentioned, has introduced “nothing for this country, except animosity on all the people” of the northeast area. “It has taken a heavy toll on the unity and integrity of this country… Ultimately, the casualty is inflicted on the unity and integrity of this country”, he mentioned.

All the efforts, which have been put in by clever males, by leaders, by right-thinking residents from all walks of life, he mentioned, “have been destroyed in a matter of a few hours”.

“As long as AFSPA continue to remain in the Constitution, these will be used with impunity again,” he added.

Before he may conclude his assertion, Kenye was lower quick by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu.


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