Navalny’s staff say ‘bottle with Novichok’ was present in opposition determine’s Siberian resort room after he fell ailing on Moscow flight


Traces of the poison Novichok have been allegedly discovered on a water bottle in Russian opposition determine Alexey Navalny’s resort room in Tomsk, the place he stayed the evening earlier than falling ailing on a flight to Moscow final month.

That’s based on a Thursday morning publish on Navalny’s official Instagram, detailing how his associates checked the room for proof.

On August 20, after studying that the anti-corruption activist’s airplane was pressured to make an emergency touchdown after he fell ailing, members of his staff in Tomsk went to his resort room, which had not but been cleaned. The video exhibits Navalny’s supporters “recording, describing, and packing” every part discovered within the room.

“A call was made to take every part that would hypothetically be helpful for the investigation, and go it to the medical doctors in Germany,” the post reads. “The fact that the case would not be investigated in Russia was also quite obvious.”

According to the text, scientists from a laboratory in Germany later tested the bottle and found traces of Novichok, a Soviet chemical weapon. They concluded, therefore, that Navalny was poisoned before leaving for Tomsk’s airport. Early theories had suggested he ingested poison through a cup of tea in the airport cafe.

Russian media outlet Proekt also conducted an investigation, reaching the same conclusion. They revealed that the allegedly poisoned bottle was brought to Germany by Navalny associate Maria Pevchikh, a British resident who Russian police claim fled the country after refusing to answer their questions. She also refused to respond to requests from the Russian publication. 

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Contrary to the claims of Navalny’s supporters, the video does not show that he was poisoned through a water bottle, based on Novichok creator Leonid Rink. Speaking to Russian information company RIA Novosti, Rink claimed that “it is impossible to prove that this is the right bottle,” as the entire model’s bottles look precisely the identical. He additionally alleged that if Navalny had certainly been poisoned from a bottle, he and everybody who touched it will have died.

Navalny, a widely known anti-corruption campaigner and protest chief, fell ailing on August 20 on a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. Following an emergency touchdown, he was instantly hospitalized within the Siberian metropolis of Omsk. Two days later, after a request from his household and associates, the activist was flown to Germany for therapy at Berlin’s Charité clinic. Earlier this month, German authorities introduced that the opposition determine was poisoned with a nerve agent from the ‘Novichok’ group, a discovering later apparently confirmed by laboratories in each Sweden and France. The medical staff in Omsk denies that any poison was present in Navalny’s physique.

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