Pakistan dismisses ‘politically motivated story’ on covert operations by China’s Wuhan lab

FO says try and solid aspersions in regards to the BSL-Three lab is especially absurd towards the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: File

Pakistan on Sunday dismissed a “politically motivated and fake story” relating to China’s Wuhan lab conducting alleged covert operations within the nation.

“It is a politically motivated and fake story, composed of distortion of facts and fabrications that quote anonymous sources,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui mentioned in a press release.

The FO spokesperson defined that there was “nothing secret” in regards to the Bio-Safety Level-3 (BSL-3) laboratory referred within the report. She added that Pakistan has been sharing details about the power with the States Parties to the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention (BTWC) in its submission of Confidence Building Measures.

“The facility is meant for diagnostic and protective system improvement by Research and Development on emerging health threats, surveillance and disease outbreak investigation,” clarified Farooqui.

The spokesperson reiterated that Pakistan “strictly abides” by its BTWC commitments and has been “one of the most vocal supporters” for a powerful verification mechanism to make sure full compliance by states complying with the conference.

“The attempt to cast aspersions about the facility is particularly absurd against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic,” mentioned the FO. It added that the pandemic has highlighted the necessity for higher preparedness within the illness surveillance and management and worldwide collaborations within the matter which is in step with Article X of the BTWC.

The Klaxon, an Australian publication, had revealed an “investigative” piece on July 23, alleging that China’s Wuhan Lab was operating secret operations in Pakistan below a covert take care of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DESTO).

The story claimed that ‘anthrax-like pathogens’ are being developed as potential organic warfare. The reported was primarily based on “intelligence sources”.