PM Narendra Modi to handle nation by radio programme `Mann Ki Baat` as we speak


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will handle the nation by his month-to-month radio programme Mann Ki Baat at 11 am on Sunday (July 26, 2020). This is the 67th version of the month-to-month radio programme.

Taking to Twitter, PM Modi stated, “Do tune in tomorrow, 26th July, at 11 AM. #MannKiBaat.”

Earlier on July 11, PM Modi requested folks to share tales in regards to the efforts made by folks to carry constructive modifications within the nation. He tweeted, “I am sure you would be aware of inspiring anecdotes of how collective efforts have brought about positive changes. You would surely know of initiatives that have transformed many lives. Please share them for this month`s #MannKiBaat, which will take place on the 26th!”

It could also be recalled that in his final Mann Ki Baat handle on June 28 , PM Modi had stated that there could possibly be any variety of challenges however our nation`s historical past exhibits that it has all the time overcome them.

Speaking on the 66th version of his month-to-month radio programme `Mann Ki Baat` Prime Minister Modi had stated, “There could be any number of challenges but our history shows that we have always overcome them. We have emerged stronger after challenges.”The PM addresses Mann ki Baat on the final Sunday of each month.

PM Modi is constantly seen lauding the efforts and contributions of individuals to battle the continued coronavirus pandemic within the nation in his Mann ki Baat handle.