Police officers set canine on black man and say ‘good boy, good boy’ because it bites his leg

Jeffery Ryans being arrested by officer after being bit by a police dog: (Salt Lake City Police Department)
Jeffery Ryans being arrested by officer after being bit by a police canine: (Salt Lake City Police Department)

A police canine in Salt Lake City was ordered to assault an African American man who was on his knees along with his arms within the air.

Police officers arrived at Jeffery Ryans’s home in April in Salt Lake City, Utah, after they responded to a name made by somebody who stated that they had heard him arguing along with his spouse, based on the Daily Mail.

Mr Ryans is going through prices of home violence, as his spouse filed a protecting order in opposition to him in December 2019, however the 36-year-old stated he had been staying on the home for weeks after his spouse had requested for the order to be lifted.

Body cam footage, that was launched by authorities on Tuesday, confirmed officers arrive at Mr Ryans home whereas he was smoking as he acquired prepared to depart for his job as an engineer.

The 36-year-old, who was wearing a white vest and darkish trousers, was visibly startled by the officers’ arrival, and certainly one of them shouted at him: “Get on the ground or you’re going to get bit.”

A canine was heard barking as Mr Ryans responded to the officers and informed them: “I’m just going to work” whereas they shone torches into his eyes.

The officers then rushed into Mr Ryans’s again backyard, as certainly one of them claimed that he was attempting to flee by climbing over the fence.

After being requested to get on the ground, the 36-year-old knelt down and put his arms within the air, however the officers stored threatening to have the canine chew him if he didn’t comply.

Although the footage confirmed that Mr Ryans complied with their order, the officers ordered the canine, named Tuco, to assault him.

They informed Tuco to “hit” Mr Ryans and the canine attacked his leg, as he requested the officers to “stop” and shouted: “I’m on the ground, why are you biting me?”

The officers then appeared to encourage the canine to proceed, and Tuco bit Mr Ryans once more, who screamed out in ache.

They praised the canine and stated “good boy” repeatedly as Mr Ryans shouted: “Why are you doing this?” and requested: “What did I do?”

One of the officers referred to as the canine a “good boy” once more after it was ordered to cease attacking Mr Ryans, as they handcuffed him and referred to as for a medic for a “dog bite to the leg.”

The officer who referred to as for a medic then informed Mr Ryans: “Bro, you’re listening great now, you weren’t listening great a minute ago.”

Mr Ryans informed the Salt Lake Tribune that he needed to have a number of surgical procedures to deal with his harm and misplaced his job as he couldn’t work for a while.

He added that through the arrest, he “wasn’t fighting. I was just cooperating. We’ve been through this. We’ve seen this. Always cooperate with the police, no matter what.”

The 36-year-old has filed a lawsuit in opposition to the Salt Lake City Police Department, and his attorneys Daniel Garner and Gabriel White have alleged that the officers used an pointless stage of pressure.

Mr White informed the Tribune that the incident occurred as a result of his consumer is black, and added: “What’s different between the two of us that could make this happen to him, but I couldn’t imagine happening to me? No one’s ever shown up at my house.”

Although the incident occurred in April, Mr Ryans informed the Tribune that he needed to speak about it now, after witnessing Black Lives Matter protests within the final couple of months in opposition to police brutality and racial inequality.

“Everybody matters, but you can’t just treat people differently because of their religion or their skin colour. I developed myself to get to where I’m at right now. I should have the same respect as others. We don’t get it.”

The Salt Lake City Police Department informed the Tribune: “As there is pending litigation, we are unable to discuss specifics of the case.

“Although this incident occurred in April there was never an Internal Affairs complaint filed, when we became aware of the situation this morning, an Internal Affairs investigation was immediately launched by our department to determine if the use of force was within policy.”

The division added: “That investigation will consider the totality of the events that occurred that night. As with every complaint regarding use of force The Salt Lake City Civilian Review Board has the opportunity to conduct their own separate investigation.”

On Tuesday, Salt Lake City mayor Erin Mendenhall urged the town’s police chief, Mike Brown, to analyze the incident with “urgency” and requested him to be “as transparent as possible with the public.”

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