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Richard Bacon: ‘Why I fairly like my ADHD’

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Former BBC presenter Richard Bacon has mentioned he fairly likes having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), after being identified as an grownup.

The former Radio 5 Live presenter, who now works within the US, was identified 4 years in the past.

Bacon, 46, mentioned he had “huge amounts of energy” and “fell in love” with no matter he was doing.

But he additionally mentioned the situation had introduced challenges, and that it affected folks in numerous methods.

Charity ADHD UK mentioned folks had been more and more being identified as adults.

Bacon, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, was suggested to hunt a analysis by a therapist.

“I went to a place in Orange County, California which specialises in ADHD,” he mentioned.

“I filled in a very long questionnaire, which is a very hard thing for people with ADHD to do – it’s very counter-intuitive.

“I had a mind scan and even on the mind scan you’ll be able to really see a bodily manifestation of it.”

He said he had welcomed the diagnosis, having not previously realised he had the condition.

Richard Bacon

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“When you discover out about it, you perceive your self a bit higher and the way you conduct your life,” he mentioned.

“I fairly like having it actually.

“The downsides are my chaos and disorganisation. But there’s a spectrum with all these things and they can show themselves in different ways.

“What I’ve appreciated about having it’s that I’ve acquired a factor known as hyper-focus, which you may get with ADHD.

“We all have that moment when you are doing something creative and you really, really love it and you focus more on it.

“Every single human has that capability however I believe with ADHD it is past that.

“You fall in love with whatever you are doing. You can create stuff with ADHD. There’s an element of a superpower to it. I have huge amounts of energy.

“But I might warning that it does have an effect on folks in another way.”

Mr Bacon, who has taken medication since his diagnosis, said ADHD had also brought him challenges.

Richard Bacon And His Wife Rebecca

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“In my job, it’s a must to really pitch a present, produce it, liaise with the staff, plan it,” he mentioned.

“Having the concept is nice however the bit the place you’ve gotten to manage a manufacturing of individuals is a problem for me as a result of it does not move at that tempo my mind actually enjoys.”

He added that he was enormously grateful to his wife Rebecca.

“She’s needed to cope with me and my passions and relative chaos. It’s been difficult. She’s a really regular particular person,” he mentioned.

Mr Bacon, whose early profession noticed him sacked from Blue Peter over his cocaine use, mentioned it was “tough to say” if that would have happened had he received his ADHD diagnosis earlier.

Richard Bacon And His Blue Peter Co-Presenters

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“Back then, [ADHD] wasn’t talked about as a lot,” he mentioned.

“Maybe then I would not have gotten into medication once I was in my late teenagers, early 20s. It’s very tough to say. The counter-factual is difficult to know.

“Maybe [the Blue Peter sacking] wouldn’t have happened but frankly, it happening changed the course of my career in a way that turned out to be good.

“I do not know the place I’d be, however I fairly like the place I’m now.

“But it is better to find the diagnosis, better to find the right medication with a really good ADHD doctor.”

Henry Shelford, the chairperson and founding father of ADHD UK mentioned folks had been more and more being identified as adults however help remained patchy nationwide.

“One of the things that can be so great about the diagnosis is that you feel enlightened and you can understand your strengths,” he mentioned.

“Without that, people can really, really struggle to understand what they are dealing with.”

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