Rittenhouse Attorney Reveals Why He Threw Tucker Carlson’s Film Crew Out Of Room

“I did not approve of that,” Richards instructed CNN’s Chris Cuomo after Rittenhouse’s acquittal of all expenses referring to the capturing deaths of two males and wounding of one other throughout protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, final 12 months.

“I threw them out of the room several times,” Richards recalled. “I’m not suggesting that Fox or some other network … I don’t think a film crew is appropriate for something like this.”

Watch the interview right here:

“The people who were raising the money to pay for the experts and to pay for the attorneys were trying to raise money and that was part of it,” Richards defined. “So, I think … I don’t want to say an evil, but a definite distraction was part of it. And I didn’t approve of it, but I’m not always the boss.”

Rittenhouse’s protection was crowdfunded via donations, Richards instructed Cuomo. His household and an adviser determined who had entry to the method.

Cuomo requested Richards if he was apprehensive Rittenhouse “was becoming an agent of animus.”

“I mean, Fox News is one thing. I used to work there,” Cuomo acknowledged. “Tucker Carlson is a different animal. You know what he means in the political dialogue. Were you worried that Rittenhouse was going to become a stooge of that fringe of our political spectrum?”

“I had a talk with Kyle. All I can say is what I say,” responded Richards. “And Kyle’s going to have some hard choices in his life about the direction he goes and what he stands for. Those will have to be made by Kyle eventually.”


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