Royal Mail boss accused of giving inaccurate proof

Simon ThompsonRoyal Mail

The boss of Royal Mail, Simon Thompson, is to be quizzed once more by MPs after “hundreds” of complaints had been made in regards to the accuracy of proof he gave to a committee final week.

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee mentioned doubts had been raised after Mr Thompson denied the agency tracked employees’ productiveness via their handheld computer systems.

It additionally questioned his denial that Royal Mail prioritised parcels.

Royal Mail mentioned it’s completely happy to make clear.

Mr Thompson gave his testimony to MPs on 17 January as the corporate continued its dispute with members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Thousands of postal employees have held strikes in latest months in a long-running row over pay and situations.

The chair of the committee, Darren Jones, mentioned that since Mr Thompson had appeared earlier than the committee, that they had obtained “significant quantities of evidence” to recommend his responses won’t have been “wholly correct”.

Mr Jones added: “Giving inaccurate information to a parliamentary committee, whether by accident or otherwise, is taken very seriously.

“We should resolve these inconsistencies on behalf of parliament and intend to take action throughout this extra listening to.”

The committee said the claim that Royal Mail prioritises parcels over letters – which Mr Thompson denied – would potentially compromise the delivery of the universal service obligation, that guarantees a minimum mail service.

Royal Mail has been delivering fewer letters as people use email and other forms of communication instead. It recently asked the government if it could stop letter deliveries on a Saturday, but promised to keep running a seven-day-a-week parcel service.

The committee also said it wants Mr Thompson to clarify what he said about employee sick pay arrangements.

A Royal Mail spokesperson mentioned: “We welcome the chance to broaden on any factors on which the committee would love clarification, and share the steps we’re taking to resolve this dispute and safe the long-term way forward for Royal Mail for our individuals and prospects.

“As the CWU launches its third ballot for industrial action today, we are seeing an increasingly false narrative circulating on our pay and change dispute,” it added.

A CWU spokesperson mentioned: “In the interests of democracy and public standards, we wholeheartedly welcome this decision.

“Politicians tasked by voters to conduct scrutinising work with the best potential data and readability have grave issues about Simon Thompson’s evasive conduct.”