Russian house company boss assaults US proposal to militarize Moon after Pentagon suggests utilizing Defense Department to guard bases


The head of Russia’s house company, Dmitry Rogozin, has slammed Washington’s proposals to have the US Department of Defense function in house, calling the militarization of the Moon and lunar analysis “unacceptable.”

His feedback got here after an article from the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Pentagon plans to guard NASA bases on the moon, in addition to industrial operations, similar to water and mineral extraction.

“Driving the changes are actions by Moscow and Beijing to challenge American space interests with anti-satellite weapons, jamming capabilities, and other potentially hostile technology,” the article stated, particularly highlighting Russia and China as a risk.

The newest tweet from the Roscosmos chief isn’t the primary time a Russian official has criticized the US and its ambitions to militarize house. In February 2020, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the NATO navy bloc of planning to deploy weapons within the cosmos.

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“The plans of the US, as well as those of France and NATO as a whole, to place weapons in outer space are taking shape,” he stated. “We are convinced that it is not too late to develop measures acceptable for all to prevent confrontation in outer space.”

During his Senate affirmation listening to, new US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin referred to as Russia “a key adversary.”

“Chinese and Russian military doctrines also indicate that they view space as critical to modern warfare and consider the use of counter-space capabilities as both a means of reducing US military effectiveness and for winning future wars,” he stated.

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