Senate ratifies invoice to make Arabic language necessary in Islamabad’s academic establishments

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ISLAMABAD: Senate on Monday ratified Compulsory Teaching of Arabic Language Bill, 2020, to make the Arabic language necessary in academic establishments — main and secondary — within the capital.

Moved by the PML-N’s Javed Abbasi, the invoice means that Arabic must be taught from grade 1-5, whereas college students of lessons 6-11 must also be taught the language’s grammar.

The minister will make sure the implementation of the invoice inside six months, the invoice’s textual content mentioned.

Abbasi, talking on the ground of the Senate, mentioned that the Holy Quran and day by day prayers have been recited in Arabic, including that the language was “the fifth-largest language in the world, the official language of 25 countries”.

Stressing the necessity for college students to be taught the language, he mentioned that the nation wouldn’t be going by issues had the lots understood the Holy Qu’ran.

The senator mentioned that he’s “in favour of all languages being taught in educational institutions, may it be Russian, Spanish, or English.”

“If our people learn Arabic, more Pakistanis will get jobs in the Middle Eastern countries.”