Sharon Stone shares her admiration for ‘brilliant’ Putin, scorns ‘baby’ Trump with Russian pranksters posing as Greta Thunberg


Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus have launched a dialog with Hollywood star Sharon Stone during which she shared her deep respect for Vladimir Putin and criticized Donald Trump – believing she was chatting to Greta Thunberg.

The YouTube pranksters, whose actual names are Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, seem to have fooled the star of ‘Basic Instinct’ and ‘Casino’, Sharon Stone, with their newest stunt. In an audio recording posted to their YouTube channel, they supposedly speak to the American actress whereas posing as the teenager local weather activist and her father Svante – a disguise they incessantly utilized in earlier pranks.

The pretend ‘Greta’ referred to as Stone to share her fears of US President Donald Trump, who has supposedly haunted her in nightmares, and to hunt recommendation on touring to Russia. The apparently unsuspecting star eagerly shared her admiration for the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom she described as a “brilliant” and “wise” man, who actually “knows how to run his country.”

Her impression of Russia, although, was clearly dominated by a picture of an all-powerful and omnipresent KGB which one way or the other could make just about anybody “disappear” and which Putin supposedly ran (which he in reality didn’t). The Russian president served as the top of the FSB – which may be arguably described as a successor of the KGB – for a few years earlier than taking the reins, although.

Stone, nonetheless, believed it was not for Americans to guage the best way Russia “functions” since it’s, in accordance with her, almost actually ingrained within the Russian tradition and political traditions and the nation is a lot better off underneath Putin’s management than it was earlier.

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Yet, regardless of admitting she labored in Russia for “quite a bit” and would love to take action once more, the actress nonetheless maintained Thunberg ought to meet folks like Putin in an “extremely public” place “somewhere on a neutral territory” – for security’s sake, after all.

The actress, who actually pulled no punches when it got here to America’s personal political elite, stated that it isn’t Russia however the US that has an “out-of-control” president. Stone dismissed Trump as “a very loud baby crying for food,” who treats all different public figures simply as another “kids on a playground” and will get “jealous” each time anybody will get extra consideration than him.

The actress additionally remarked that she was supposedly “harassed and tormented” by former US President George W. Bush who allegedly “really tried to hurt her” by one way or the other ordering rigorous safety checks each time she took a flight someplace.

“During my air travel, I have been ripped apart at every security stop. My kids got undressed when they were babies and searched. I could not work in my business during his both terms. It was such harassment and such torment,” she stated, solely so as to add that Bush has been fully forgotten by now and “no one wants to look at his face.”

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A self-described Buddhist, Stone declared Thunberg a ‘bodhisattva’, which means an individual who took the trail to awakening – the best non secular state in Buddhism – within the title of the higher good of all living beings. The actress then suggested Thunberg to “learn to walk her own path” and recite some mantras to deal with Trump-filled nightmares. 

On a much less non secular observe, the star of ‘Basic instinct’ additionally provided to present Thunberg some tips about “how to get prepared for a date.”

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