The Eastern Mediterranean sideshow

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We have simply been by means of every week wherein the world centered its consideration utterly on the Russia-Ukraine battle.  Second place went to Afghanistan because of the American September withdrawal announcement, with the COVID-19 pandemic in third place. 

Those of us based mostly in Southeast Europe suffered a impolite awakening.  The every day deluge of media reviews seen on this area about Greek-Turkish disputes within the Eastern Mediterranean, dogfights over and across the Aegean Sea and even about EU-Turkey competitors in Libya fell off the worldwide media playlist whereas most journalistic protection zeroed in on the War within the Donbass, Crimea, and the remainder of the Russia-Ukraine border area. 

For the worldwide viewers, information about Greek-Turkish high-level conferences, the standing of the Bosporus, Cyprus, and future pipelines connecting oil and fuel fields off the Israeli coast to Europe merely disappeared.   

This leads us to 2 essential conclusions.   First, when the geopolitical circuits zero in on East-West issues, all eyes concentrate on the responses from main Western capitals, NATO, Kyiv, and Moscow.  The East Mediterranean and associated points change into a distant reminiscence, in impact only a sideshow.  

It is known that this conclusion just isn’t one thing that professionals centered on the area want to see acknowledged, because it cuts into their core mission, whether or not it’s media, evaluation, lobbying or just for-profit creation of conferences centered on these matters.  

Second, it’s time to reassess whether or not educated readers wherever really want the endless stream of pronouncements on these second-level regional points. Sure, one can perceive that the media in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey exist to propagate their nationwide views, i.e., to inform the story as they see it.  But does it matter sufficient to transmit it repeatedly and through a number of shops to audiences exterior that native information envelope?  

With the previous week as a reference level, one can thoughtfully reply that query with a “No.”          

Take for instance the so-called “Sofagate” challenge that emerged from Ankara on April 7. The snubbing of a high-level girl representing the European Union (Commission President Ursula von der Leyen) whereas assembly with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issues to native journalists, a small group of single-issue NGOs and naturally meme-producers. One week later solely the memes stay. 

As do the massive points.