The New Normal and the Second Cold War


Western societies are doubly trapped. The one-way path of no return that they’re on, which results in the New Normal of the now rising new civilization. The second entice is the brand new Cold War between the US and China, which is able to quickly evolve right into a generalized Cold War between the East and West. This is the Second Cold War in historical past.

Administrators take a look at statistics and statistically the world is bankrupt. So what. Leaders take a look at society and if they don’t see a future – a brilliant future – for it, they don’t seem to be leaders. They are simply upgraded civil servants.

The world is quickly altering as a result of it reached its restrict of tolerance.

“Everything is simple” (Kassandra) and “everything flows” (Dimokritos). Combining the 2, you’ve each the issue and the answer.

The drawback is straightforward. Prolonged austerity and overregulation considerably deteriorated the financial and social circumstances of the typical citizen of Western nations, who construct their future well-being on loans and plastic cash. By the top of final 12 months, this quickly deteriorating state of affairs turned essential and the primary indicators of potential issues surfaced.

In the United States, the confrontation between the President and the pursuits of Wall Street moved onto the streets and was conveniently interpreted by the initiators as racial riots. In Europe the failure of the many years lengthy CDU/SPD rule in Germany, resulted to the sharp rise of a brand new political class – the anarchists – which was erroneously, but purposely, interpreted because the rise of the far-right.

By the start of this 12 months, the state of affairs in each Europe and the United States reached its explosion level, and all events involved turned the virus pandemic into a possibility for limiting the freedoms of residents, prohibiting the free motion of individuals, and forcing many small companies, like bars, eating places, gyms, retail outlets, cafes and others to shut, to keep away from mass demonstrations and riots.

As a outcome, odd individuals misplaced their jobs, spent their meagre financial savings, stopped paying their money owed, and are actually determined.

Western leaders are actually dealing with the dilemma of ordering a second spherical of lockdown restrictions to keep away from mass demonstrations and riots. However, it could nicely show that “the last deception will be worse than the first” (Matthew 27:64).

Audacity and braveness, significantly political braveness, is required to cross to the New Normal smoothy and with minimal doable damages, thereby liberating residents from the shackles of their money owed and giving them hopes for a greater life with new ample interest-free loans assured by the governments.

Citizens have to be liberated from all financial institution and plastic money owed. The freezing of all money owed – no matter whether or not they’re personal, enterprise or state – for 5 hundred years, with no curiosity and no collateral, will liberate the world, whereas the banks won’t right-off the money owed and their steadiness sheets won’t go into the purple.

Furthermore, Western governments should present banks contemporary cash as required, to provide new loans to residents to rebuild their misplaced companies and make new ones. As for the banks, they need to perceive that they don’t seem to be profit-making firms, however social facilitators and they need to cowl their prices by getting a share of the enterprise income of their company purchasers.

Of the East-West Cold War, this isn’t the primary time that New Europe is writing about it.

The Cold War first began by Donald Trump upon his election nearly 4 years in the past, as he believes that if China will not be instantly contained, it is going to finally dominate the world. Trump was fiercely opposed by the American (and European) industrial institution with the intention to shield their investments in China. However, regardless of the determined efforts of the massive US monetary pursuits, which used all of the means obtainable, together with the Democratic Party and race riots in numerous cities, the specter of Chinese predominance is now a generalized and accepted notion within the West. Consequently, the Cold War will proceed, and grow to be much more extreme, after the US’ presidential election in November, irrespective of who would be the subsequent president.

Soon after the US election, it’s doubtless that the Sino-American confrontation will evolve into to a World Cold War between the Democratic West and the Communist East. As the required mutual distrust between the 2 components already exists for the necessity to preserve peace avoiding the “Cold” struggle to show into “Hot”, either side will profit.

China can have all causes to isolate itself from the remainder of the world and safe the survival of its Communist rule and the Communist nomenklatura, whereas the West will uncover a brand new ideology as the traditional concepts about Left and Right are actually out of date and can stay as an idea just for navigation and …tailors.

The Cold War requires alliances to be constructed. The Western Alliance should actually embrace all of the democratic West. However, because the matter will not be business however a query of life or demise, the Western Alliance should embrace all European international locations, together with Russia, which if pushed to China, will likely be catastrophic, in all elements.

Russia will not be Communist anymore, but when it allies with China, it could quickly shift and that will likely be a catastrophe. Presently, Russia is the place the US was a century in the past in issues of a free financial system, enterprise, and rule of legislation. It took centuries for the Americans to return to the purpose to assert that the USA is a completely democratic nation.

It was solely on December 18, 1865 that slavery was formally abolished within the US and nonetheless right now there are Americans that assume otherwise. Comparatively talking, Russia, solely three many years after the collapse of communism, has made nice progress to determine democracy and a free financial system. Much extra so than the Americans did a century after their nation was based.

All in all, all of us are in a double entice – the rising new civilization and the continued East-West Cold War – and we don’t have many selections. Either we are going to disappear into the black gap that we’ve created, or with audacity and braveness, we are going to seize the as soon as in a lifetime alternative and drive our society in direction of a brand new begin.

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