The passage to the “New Normal”


The world is altering regular to the traditional of a brand new civilization.

On the way in which to the New Normal, the political and financial relations amongst individuals, the 2 base components of our democratic system, will change. Whether its forcibly or voluntarily, that continues to be to be seen.

The point of interest of the New Normal is the citizen, because the human part of society, and never as a quantity. The matter is a philosophical one, however the backside line stays, ‘what is philosophy?’ Go for knowledge, which implies widespread sense.

And right here begin with a truth. Humans who’re coming into this world are leaving it simply as they got here. Nude. Nothing extra, nothing much less. This implies that it doesn’t matter what they do of their life to succeed or turn out to be wealthy, all of it finally ends up being a futile train which doesn’t add, however as a substitute deprives them of what their scope of life ought to be. Live and make the world higher to stay higher.

There are two fundamental components within the aggregation of each human, which outline relations amongst residents in all societies, are politics and economics.

The political system that’s to date working in a lot of the world is straightforward. Majority rules primarily based on the summary precept – one citizen, one vote. This ends-up by bringing into energy opportunist populists, and never all the time the perfect.

This system, seen in perspective, has no future. It was good to liberate societies from totalitarianism and drive them to democracy, however as soon as democracy was established as a regime, it continued to be primarily based on the transitory “revolutionary” strategies which introduced it to energy.

Enthusiastic, and pushed by rules and beliefs as a preventing pressure, the Carbonari of 19th-century Italy liberated societies and democracy was established. However, the model of democratic rule that was invented by its promoters didn’t final lengthy.

Within the context of freedom and the entrepreneurial alternatives developed in democratic societies, this drove certified and proficient individuals to the market and the administration was quickly populated by a majority of mediocrities who opted for safety at no dangers and who solely cared to safe a life wage with a minimal, if any, effort.

The administration of democracy quickly grew to become an ever-growing paperwork, which as a substitute of serving residents, grew to become a parasite. Against this setting, political rulers elected with a common voting process, the essential component of democracy, and allowed for the expansion of a ruling class primarily based on a mixture of clever individuals guided by a fading ideology, populism, and simple revenue. That sample gave option to rampant corruption.

The mixture of an ever-growing parasitic administration with a corrupt political ruling class, signified the top of the democratic system as residents had been self-confined in a system that proved transitory.

The free market, one other fundamental part of the democratic system, gave floor to a specific class of certified individuals who had been able to ruling with a way of justice and scope the good thing about the shareholders.

Enlarging the idea of the corporate into that of the state spawned a brand new era of potential political leaders in post-democracy societies. How they transition from enterprise leaders to turn out to be political leaders is a special query.

Economies within the free democratic world developed inside the context of freedom and rules set by the administration and a specific class of financial gurus who, below the declare of the good thing about the residents, created the banking and inventory alternate “facilities”.

Banks, with loans and plastic credit score, ended-up by capturing lives of the overwhelming majority of trustworthy residents, most of whom shouldn’t have the chance to take part in massive scale corruption. At the identical time, the 2 “facilities” gave delivery to the next class of parasites who make the most of the rules and persuade the administration to undertake rules at their will. Thus, they stay solely with the involuntary financing of residents, they usually stay properly, very properly.

Prolonged austerity and over-regulation entrapped many with loans, which at an accelerated tempo can’t be served, whereas a number of “intelligent” others did higher. The new component in mature democratic societies, which signifies the top of a perversely developed financial system, is the quickly rising class of neo-poor.

This is a development below the present “normal” can’t be reversed or decelerated. It can be forcibly demolished by social disobedience and turmoil. Alternatively, and that is the “best-case scenario”, will probably be abolished by the few clever and nonetheless devoted to the democratic trigger rulers that stay on the planet, by freezing every kind of loans for 5 centuries, with no curiosity and no ensures.

The time has come for a giant change as every kind of social “parasites”, who’re each insatiable and increasing, have introduced the “host” to its limits. That is why the time for a significant change is now.

Our world is already transferring on fast-forward in direction of the massive change.

Ultimately, in circumstances of a traditional transition, the idea of “democracy” won’t be altered after the “New Normal” is ready so as, as it’s a perennial human worth acquired within the evolution of our species.

Yet, the modus operandi of democracy will change. It can be both voluntarily, from the highest to the underside, with logical but substantial, however not capital, collateral damages to the socio-economic institution. And it would work if the modifications are actual, with justice served as it’s understood, by odd individuals and carefully. Or will probably be finished forcibly from the underside up, below chaotic circumstances and the social disaster can be prolonged to all earlier than the institution of the “New Normal” and in a context that no person has sufficient “power to imagine” what it might be.