Trump administration is not going to renew expiring visas for VOA’s international correspondents


Foreign journalists on the government-funded broadcaster Voice of America is not going to have their visas renewed once they expire, US media reported.

Michael Pack, the newly appointed CEO of the Agency for Global Media that oversees VOA has been criticised for politicizing the company. The determination impacts the roles of about 100 international journalists, who might face repercussions if pressured to return to their home international locations.

Employees fear that the move might jeopardize non-English language applications. VOA airs in additional than 40 languages, together with Mandarin, Russian, Persian, and Turkish.

The Trump administration has repeatedly tried to curb work visas that it says takes jobs from American residents. Last month, it quickly suspended a number of sorts of new visas citing job losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, the White House stated in a proper assertion in April that VOA had “amplified Beijing’s propaganda”. “If you heard what’s coming out of the Voice of America, it’s disgusting. Things they say are disgusting toward our country”, president Donald Trump stated.