Turtle kills pigeon in ninja-like move, leaves Twitter shocked – WATCH


New Delhi: Social media is a spot that leaves us each amazed and shocked, one such instance is a video of a turtle killing a pigeon. The turtles swift move has left the netizens shook.

The 11-second clip was shared by the Twitter deal with Nature Is Scary. They tweeted the video with a caption merely saying, “Turtle kills a pigeon.”


The video reveals a turtle slowly popping out of the water whereas there are just a few pigeon round pecking the bottom. The turtle immediately assaults the closest pigeon, holds it by its neck and drags the chicken together with it within the water.

While most customers have been left aghast on the video, there have been some feedback about it being the quickest turtle on the earth, one other remark learn, “I thought turtles only ate pizza.”

Here’s how folks reacted:

Some have been even pleased due to their dislike for the feathered creatures.

Another mentioned: “1 down, many more to go!”

The video shortly went viral and has already garnered over 1.eight million views together with quite a lot of retweets and feedback.