US explains place on NATO enlargement

The US State Department has argued that continued NATO enlargement in jap Europe is justified on the idea of an “open door policy,” regardless of Moscow claiming Washington beforehand gave assurances that the alliance wouldn’t develop.

At a press briefing on Monday, diplomatic spokesperson Ned Price was requested about pledges that then-US Secretary of State James Baker allegedly made within the 1990s, assuring then-Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev that the US-led navy alliance wouldn’t broaden near Russia’s borders.

“Look, we have been clear, as have past administrations of both parties, that NATO has an open door,” Price responded. “And we are committed to the open-door policy that was put forward in Bucharest, that NATO should remain an option to aspirants when they are ready and able to meet the commitments that are spelled out, as well as the obligations of membership; meaning specifically that they are able and willing to contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic area.”

Price was referring particularly to Ukraine’s ambitions to hitch NATO, which may enable American armed forces to be stationed on the nation’s border with Russia. Moscow has repeatedly stated that such a move is a “red line” for Russia, and has insisted it is going to do what it might probably to stop that scenario.

“No one else should have a veto over what NATO decides to do, what a country like Ukraine seeks to do,” Price went on.

When pressed on the guarantees that Baker is reported to have made again then, and whether or not he was mistaken to have carried out so, Price didn’t reply straight, saying, “I want to be clear about one other thing: NATO is a defensive alliance. It is defensive in nature. It’s defensive in orientation. The idea that NATO or an aspirant country like Ukraine could pose a threat to Russia, as Secretary Blinken said last week, would be laughable were the situation not so serious.”

Russia and the US by no means signed a proper treaty limiting the enlargement of NATO, and a few consultants dispute that American officers ever promised to rein within the alliance in jap Europe. In 2017, nonetheless, an archive was printed containing official information of conferences between Russian and Western leaders, together with non-public diaries. The paperwork confirmed that Russia was given assurances within the early 90s that NATO wouldn’t develop.

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Since then, nonetheless, 13 jap European states have joined the alliance. Putin known as not too long ago for a deal guaranteeing in writing that NATO doesn’t move additional east, blaming the US for disregarding its previous guarantees. American president Joe Biden has dismissed the potential of such a deal, saying, “I don’t accept anybody’s red lines.”


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