Video: Chris Gayle struggles to place drawstring in a shalwar throughout problem

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West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle. Photo: Geo.television

Chris Gayle on Thursday accepted the hilarious ‘Shalwar Challenge’ which required him to place a drawstring within the seam of a shalwar’s waistband.

In a video uploaded by Pakistan Super  League  (PSL) on its official Twitter account, the Universe Boss was requested to place a drawstring within the shalwar as shortly as attainable.

“What?? Whose waist is this,” the participant asks upon seeing the shalwar’s waistband, as reported by Geo.television.

As he begins placing drawstring within the shalwar, he continues to specific his shock on the width of its waistband.

“This person eats too much!! I don’t know what this person has been eating,” the cricketer stated. “[Is this] extra large? It’s gotta be a joke.”

He goes on to say that the individual for whom the shalwar was stiched ought to “stay away from meat,” and “he should be a proper vegan.”

At the top of the video, Chris Gayle wears the shalwar, with out pulling the drawstring, and bursts into laughter.

The clip additionally reveals some humorous bloopers whereby the 41-year-old cricketer may very well be seeing struggling to put on the shalwar and getting assist from different individuals.