What’s the fallout from the pandemic wave of unemployment?


Hundreds of thousands and thousands of individuals world wide have misplaced their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But the United Nations’ labour company warns the worldwide outlook may very well be a lot worse, as present figures exclude employees within the so-called “informal economy”.

That ranges from migrant and shift labourers within the creating world, to freelance and repair business employees taking unprotected jobs in wealthier economies.

The International Labour Organization says 1.6 billion of them might endure “massive damage” to their livelihoods.

This means half of the members of the worldwide workforce should not positive if their jobs will reappear as soon as the disaster is over.

So, will the job market recuperate? 

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Song Seng Wun – director at CIMB Private Banking

Michelle Leighton – director of ILO Labour Migration Branch 

Bruno Verstraete – chief economist at Lakefield Partners

Source: Al Jazeera News