South Korean man attacks shop clerk he thought was a feminist

The man told the shop clerk he was attacking her because she had short hair and must be a feminist. Source link

Jordan air force drops medical supplies into Gaza

Jordan has air dropped urgent medical and pharmaceutical aid to the Jordanian field hospital in the Gaza Strip.King Abdullah of Jordan tweeted "we will...

Ukraine war: Kherson shelling forces elderly from homes

Russian bombardment is forcing thousands to leave their homes as both sides seek territorial gains ahead of winter. Source link

Australian PM Albanese to meet Xi Jinping in long-awaited China visit

Anthony Albanese's trip - the first by an Australian leader since 2016 - follows years of strained ties. Source link

Why does France have military bases in Africa?

Upheavals in West Africa mean France can no longer take its "backyard" for granted. Source link

Few reasons for optimism after Antony Blinken’s diplomatic dash

On Monday, he will meet Turkish officials - just one day after Turkey's President, Recip Erdogan, recalled his country's ambassador to Israel and said...

Footballer Díaz begs father’s ELN kidnappers to free him

Colombian-born Liverpool footballer Luis Díaz begs for his father's kidnappers to free him immediately. Source link


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