Zelensky bans three pro-Russian TV channels

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has banned three pro-Russian tv channels, labelling them as a Kremlin “propaganda tool.”

The Presidency supported that the TV channels have been linked to a politician near Russian President Vladimir Putin, particularly Taras Kozak, and that they pose a risk to nationwide safety. The channels will probably be suspended for 5 years, because the obtain Russian funding. 

“Sanctions is a difficult decision. Ukraine strongly supports Freedom Of Speech. Not propaganda financed by the aggressor country that undermines Ukraine on its way to EU and Euro-Atlantic integration,” Zelensky wrote in a Twitter submit on Wednesday. 

“Fight for independence is fight in the information war for truth & European values,” the Ukrainian President added. 

“These media have become one of the tools in the war against Ukraine, so they are blocked in order to protect national security,” Zelensky’s spokesperson, Yulia Mendel wrote in a Facebook submit. 

The ban got here into impact early on Wednesday after the Ukrainian President issued a decree imposing sanctions in opposition to Kozak and eight of his corporations, together with the three TV channels.