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Ballet Teacher Says Teaching Today’s Children Has Been The “Most Traumatic Time”


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A 22-year-old ballet teacher is receiving mixed reactions after voicing her frustrations with teaching today’s children.
The woman, named Sai on social platforms,  gave examples in a nine-minute TikTok video. She said the video was a callout for parents of children in pre-K to high school.
“The children today, I have never experienced…having to teach and work with you guys’ children has been the most traumatic experience of my life,” Sai said.
Ballet Teacher Says Parents Also Don’t Respect Authority
The ballet teacher revealed that her class consists of 10 five-year-old girls. She says parents aren’t receptive to remarks about their children’s distracted behavior.
“They don’t respect any authority. You ask them can you stand in your designated spot, they’re telling you no and shut up. They’re throwing things at each other, they’re throwing things at other people, other classmates. You say can everybody sit in their spot. ‘I don’t want to, I’m not doing that, you don’t get to tell me what to do, you’re not my mom.’ You confront the parent, the parent tries to argue with you and fuss at you because you tried to redirect and reprimand their kid.”
In one instance, the teacher allegedly had to redirect a ballet student seven times during a session. She then approached the parent at pickup about the child’s difficulty following instructions. In response, the parent allegedly questioned the teacher about repeatedly asking the child to do something after the child had refused.
“What world do we live in,” Sai said in her TikTok video. “What in you guys brain as a parent says, ‘Hmm my kid is not following any directions is a great thing, it’s not that serious and y’all don’t have a right to tell her what to do.’ It’s sad, it’s sad. It’s really really sad.”
Teacher Says Her Students Are Asking For Grown Folks’ Music
The ballet teacher also said that her student’s taste in music is “horrifying.”
“Your five-year-old daughters are asking to listen to “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee.” I’m playing them Princess Tiana ballet music, and they are asking me, ‘Can we hear Pound Town,’ she said before seemingly getting emotional. I don’t know what to do and I’m so scared for these little girls today because this is the most insane agenda push I have ever seen in my life. You guys daughters are twerking at five. Where’s the parenting? Where’s the boundaries?

Sai added that parents are “hurting” their children instead of “helping” them by exposing them to “raunchy” music. She says that despite trying to set an example with what she wears and plays in class, the parents are still exposing kids to inappropriate materials.
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Additionally, the ballet teacher says gentle parenting techniques aren’t working in the studio. When she tells kids to “breathe” through an incident, the teacher claims kids are responding, “Shut up.” Meanwhile, the parents are making “excuses.”
“Y’all come in and y’all are more worried about what’s going on on your Instagram and TikTok feed versus being a parent. Be a f**king parent.You guys are horrible f**king parents. Like I’m sorry to say it, this generation…not all but majority that I’ve dealt with with kids that are between the ages of 5,4,3, you guys don’t parent your children at all.”
The ballet teacher is challenging parents to spend more time with their kids and correct disrespectful behaviors.
Her video plea has been viewed over 12.5 million times on TikTok and has nearly 100,000 comments and more than two million likes.
See her full comments below.

HELPPP!!!! Im calling out to all parents educators teachers MOMS DADS WHOEVER please take time to work with your children stop listening to adult music around them spend time with them we need CHANGE #fyp #fypp #eduation #parents #parenting #school #help #trending #makeachange
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