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Irv Gotti No Longer Sees Fat Joe As A ‘Brother’ After The Rapper Defended Ashanti: ‘You Don’t Even Know’


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Irv Gotti is taking a moment to speak on where he currently stands with Fat Joe. Specifically, Irv says that — since Fat Joe called him out over past commentary about Ashanti — he doesn’t feel as close to the “What’s Luv?” rapper.
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Irv Gotti Says Fat Joe “Speak[ing] Negatively” Of Him Was The Last Straw: “It’s Over”
The record producer spoke on the situation during a recent sit-down on Drink Champs — the same platform where Irv shared details of an alleged sexual encounter with Ashanti.
During his latest appearance on the podcast, Irv shared that he doesn’t see Fat Joe the same, and he declared, “I do not feel Fat Joe’s my brother anymore.”
“Fat Joe was my brother. I do not feel Fat Joe’s my brother anymore.”
He explained that he couldn’t get past Joe’s negative commentary about him, and he honed in on the rapper dissing him by calling him a “sucka.”
“Once you show me who you are or you speak negatively about me, it’s over.”
Irv Gotti briefly detailed both parties’ stances on the situation, noting that he feels like Fat Joe’s fronting as though he knows what occurred between him and Ashanti.
“He was on some, ‘If I’m your brother, I should be able to tell you you’re wrong.’ … My thing is, ‘You don’t even know what went on with me and Ashanti. So for you to say anything is crazy.’”

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Fat Joe Previously Pushed Back Against Irv Sharing Intimate Details About Ashanti
Irv’s update comes just over a year after Fat Joe called him out for oversharing his past fling with Ashanti.
It all began with Gotti reflecting on learning about Ashanti’s past romance with Nelly, and it later blew up with Irv declaring that “Happy” was penned shortly after he and Ashanti had finished having sex.
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Once this began making headlines, Fat Joe stepped in to express his thoughts on Instagram Live. Ja Rule also eventually took a stand against Irv’s statements.
“It felt like he’s not over [Ashanti]. … I’m not telling stories about a girl I was with 20 years ago.”

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Almost immediately after Fat Joe shared his stance, Irv Gotti said he was not here for it on Houston’s 97.9 The Box.
“I feel like he fooled me. He’s not my friend, but in life, you get fooled.”
Following Fat Joe’s commentary on the matter, we should also note that Irv shared a story that involved him kissing Ashanti before grabbing her booty back in the day, which prompted even more reactions, as The Shade Room previously reported.

Approximately two months later, Ashanti chimed in as well. During an interview on Angie Martinez IRL, Ashanti accused Irv of telling bald-faced lies and declared, “I feel like Irv is not mentally in a good place.”
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