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Issa Crossover! Viewers React To SZA Featuring Justin Bieber As ONE Of Her Love Interests In ‘Snooze’ Video


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SZA has finally unveiled the music video for “Snooze,” and the beloved bop’s visuals feature Justin Bieber as one of the R&B singer’s love interests!
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Justin Bieber Starred As One Of SZA’s “Snooze” Boy Toys
The official “Snooze” music video premiered on Friday (Aug. 25).
The stunning visuals showed SZA’s character galivanting through various scenes with different love interests, including one portrayed by Justin Bieber.
Along with a couple of other recurring men, the video included a scene of SZA’s character cozying up to a robot wearing a backward baseball cap.
In typical SZA fashion, the ending of the music video featured an unreleased track, giving fans a lil’ something extra to cherish and look forward to.

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Fans React To The SZA–Justin Bieber Crossover: “Hailey Beiber Stronger Than Me”
Once fans got a peek at the music video for “Snooze,” they went NUTS over SZA and Justin Bieber, appearing side by side.

— c (@doin2much_) August 25, 2023

JUSTIN AND SZA????? WHAT pic.twitter.com/U7SJphWQLE
— s. (@beliebinteam) August 25, 2023

JUSTIN BIEBER AND SZA OMG HELLO??????? pic.twitter.com/jLUpuvZH7C
— Valentina (@vvaalb) August 25, 2023

Humorously, one fan exclaimed, “WHY ARE JUSTIN AND SZA FULL ON F**KIN IN SNOOZE OMG ?!!”

— noah (@inmabloodline) August 25, 2023

Another user suggested that the beloved celebs should’ve taken things a step further in the music video.

Justin and Sza should’ve kissed idc
— ᴹᴵᴹᴵ'ˢ ☈ᴱᴵᴳᴺ ᵂᴼᴺᵀ ᴸᴱ☥ ᵁᴾ (@TheMimiReign) August 25, 2023

As a result of how people were here for the SZA’s Justin Bieber cameo, some proceeded to bring Hailey Bieber into the conversation. Oop!

hold on SZA & Justin Bieber ??? Hailey Bieber stronger than me
— Mavsss (@maveli555) August 25, 2023

sza and justin lookin a lil TEW good together in that video sawree hailey… pic.twitter.com/1mslDF8XDO
— mrs. dominic fike / STREAM SUNBURN (@wtfisaglizzy) August 25, 2023

hailey bieber is so strong ! i would’ve been crying and throwing up seeing how good my man looked with sza
— nubia (@itgirlnubia) August 25, 2023

Hailey bieber somewhere shaking in her boots cause I know JB wanted to touch sza booty
— rebecca (@bbexyyy) August 25, 2023

Monica & The Game Also Got People Chirpin’ With Their Recent Production: “Momma At Work!”
While on the subject of celebrities sparking some chatter by way of a steamy cameo, we have to mention Monica and The Game.
As The Shade Room reported, Monica shared some promo back in late June for a single called “Letters.” She specifically uploaded a clip from the song’s music video, which featured Monica and The Game posing in a bathtub.
This sparked TONS of chatter, but the most memorable comment came from Romelo Hill, Monica’s 15-year-old son. He remarked, “Yo what is this?”
In turn, Monica laughingly remarked, “It’s like a movie!! Momma at work!”

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