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Jaylan Banks Reacts After Falynn Pina Teases His ‘Grooming’ Claim With T-Shirt: ‘This Behavior Raises Concerns’


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Last week, Jaylan Banks accused ex-fiancée Falynn Pina of “grooming” him into a relationship during an appearance on the “Relationships Matter” podcast. Rather than respond with written comments, Pina’s rebuttal came via a fashion statement.
On Sunday (Aug. 13), Pina posted two photos to her Instagram feed wearing a cropped, purple t-shirt featuring “The Groomer” in bold letters. Her caption only said, “#ComingSoon,” hinting at a possible sale.
Within five hours of her now-controversial post, Jaylan Banks released a statement clarifying his “grooming” comments. However, he also called out his ex-fiancée for her “insensitivity towards the seriousness of the matter.”
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Jaylan Banks Apologizes For Use Of “Grooming,” Says Falynn Pina’s Behavior Was Actually “Manipulative”
As mentioned, Banks responded to Falynn’s t-shirt tease via a statement on his Instagram feed. He started by addressing his “grooming” comment concerning how the former couple entered a relationship.
“I would like to address a recent statement I made during my interview on the “Relationships Matter Podcast” where I used the term “groom” incorrectly while discussing my past relationship with Falynn Pina. My choice of words was a mistake, and I want to set the record straight. In that interview, I intended to describe Falynn’s behavior as manipulative, not as “grooming,” Banks wrote. “I recognize the gravity and sensitivity surrounding the term “grooming,” and I want to make it clear that is not what I meant. My intention was to highlight the MANIPULATIVE aspects of our relationship, which had caused distress.”
In the Aug. 8 “Relationships Matter” episode, Jaylan told its hosts Chanel Scott and Josh Powell that Falynn Pina practiced narcissistic behaviors. He mentioned that Pina “made it seem as if [Simon Guobadia] was doing her wrong.”
Guobadia has long accused Pina of cheating during their marriage with Banks–though Falynn has denied it on multiple occasions. In 2021, both Simon and Falynn publicly moved on with Porsha Williams and Banks, respectively.
By September of that year, Falynn Pina reiterated in a public statement directed at Simon that she had not cheated on him with Banks. Ironically, she accused Guobadia of practicing narcissistic antics as Jaylan accused her on the “Relationships Matter” podcast.
Back then, though, Jaylan exclusively spoke to The Shade Room. He confirmed Falynn’s claims about Guobadia harassing them by sending packages to their home and attempting to ban him from local Atlanta establishments.

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Jaylan Banks Says Falynn Pina’s Response To His Interview Is “Unfortunate”
In the “Relationships Matter” podcast, Jaylan revealed that by the time they publicly split in February, Pina was already on to the next. He claimed that her nine-year-old was “already calling him dad” while he was still in love with Pina.
Banks also claimed that Pina’s “trauma” scares him–in the context of her raising their one-year-old daughter Emma Sang Pina.
However, Falynn didn’t address these statements in her cropped tee clapback. Nonetheless, Jaylan called out his ex for the clothing-based comeback, leaning into his manipulative accusations against the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum.
“Since the interview, I’ve noticed that Falynn has attempted to turn the situation into a joke to further her own gain. This behavior raises concerns about her character and her apparent insensitivity toward the seriousness of the matter at hand,” Banks wrote. “It’s unfortunate that she had chosen this path rather than addressing the real issues that were discussed during the interview.”

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He also clarified that his apology is solely about using the “incorrect term,” and he’s not apologetic about calling out Falynn’s alleged behaviors.
“I want to emphasize that while I apologize for the incorrect term I used, I do not apologize for calling out her manipulative actions during our relationship. It’s crucial to recognize and acknowledge such behavior, especially when it affects individuals on a personal level,” Jaylan said.
Jaylan Banks ended his release by saying his intention was to shed light, not to accuse anyone of grooming.
See Jaylan’s original comments below: 

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