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Jaylan Banks Seeks Full Custody Amid Falynn Pina Accusing Him Of Domestic Violence & Pop-Out With Pleasure P


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On Sunday (Aug. 20), Jaylan Banks revealed he filed for full custody of his daughter Emma against ex-girlfriend Falynn Pina, he exclusively told The Shade Room.
Banks submitted paperwork via Odyssey eFileGA, categorized mandatory for e-filing for Fulton County State and Superior Court on Gerogia’s Judicial Council website. A screenshot of the online filing classified it under OTHER with no file description.
His statement to The Shade Room’s Maya M. on the filing was brief. Banks said:
“…I don’t feel as she is in the right head space for our child, and I am praying for her.”

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This isn’t the first time that Jaylan has expressed concerns about Falynn parenting their daughter. Last week, the “Relationships Matter Podcast” published an episode featuring Banks. During that talk, Jaylan Banks said Falynn “groomed him” into a relationship by negatively portraying her ex-husband Simon Guobadia.

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Later in that interview, he claimed that one of Falynn’s children is already calling another man “dad.” He added that his ex’s trauma makes him “scared to let [his] daughter be raised like that.”
However, Banks has not presented material examples or evidence of incidents indicating trouble in Falynn’s caretaker abilities.
After the interview went live, Pina teased him with a “groomer” t-shirt. The crop top sparked backlash for perceived insensitivity. In response, Banks released a statement clarifying that he meant to highlight Falynn’s alleged manipulative behaviors—not misuse the term grooming or belittle that experience.
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Falynn Pina Alleges Jaylan Banks Never Paid A Bill And Physically Abused Her
Now that he’s escalated his concerns to court, it’s unclear what Falynn’s reaction will be. However, in response to the podcast episode, Pina joined the hosts of The Baller Alert Show to tell her side of their relationship woes. She has not publicly commented on Jayland Banks allegedly filing for full custody.
For the most part, Pina says that Jaylan Banks is the “liar” who engaged in physical abuse toward her, driving her to the other man he spoke about.
About 17 minutes into the interview, Falynn said she never planned to air Jaylan Banks out because he was her daughter’s father. However, she declared Jaylan put her in a position to defend herself.
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum was adamant that Banks “never paid for anything, ever.” She added that despite being “a great daddy” to their child, he never paid a single bill. Instead, Pina says she showered her ex with gifts, including two trucks she allegedly took back when the relationship ended.
“I took it back cause there was cheating. There are abuse, there was domestic violence. “There’s was a lot that I put up with in just two years of being with him. It got to a point where, I mean, he was putting his hands on me and we weren’t even together anymore.”
Falynn alleges she discovered he was cheating after he came home at 8 a.m. one day, after another usual night of being out. She says she searched his phone and realized he was sharing his location with another woman and vice versa.
Pina revealed that they lived together for months after the breakup–though she didn’t give a specific time frame. The former couple announced a miscarriage in January and their split the following month. She says they hadn’t been sleeping in the same bed but were working out the kinks of going their separate ways.
Their domestic situation allegedly turned dark when he found out Falynn had moved on. But it wasn’t the first time he had gotten physical. Falynn claims that happened while she was still pregnant with their daughter Emma.
“When [Jaylan Banks] found out that I finally was like moving on, you know, taking those steps toward seeing other people, I’ll never forget it. He came home, it was four in the morning. He came bussing in the door, he just, he choked me out, and I had to calm him down cause after that he said he couldn’t forgive himself cause he said he’d never hit me again.”
Later in the interview, Falynn admitted that she’s the type of mother that will introduce her kids to her new beau early on. Her comment responded to Jaylan’s claims that her nine-year-old was calling someone dad fresh after they split. But Pina insists that the accusation Banks made isn’t that simple.
“I know in his interview he said that I just up and left with a man and now my kids are calling another man dad. And it’s like no, I had to call that man cause I don’t have family that could be there for me. And I had to call that man to come protect me and my kids and get us outta there safely. I had to call the police. It was dark. It got really dark, it got really bad and all I kept thinking was I don’t deserve this and my daughter doesn’t deserve to grow up seeing a man put their hands on her. The only reason I put up with it is because I watched my mom go through the same thing.”
Falynn Reveals Her New Man Is An Actor, Pleasure P Posts Photo Of Them Days Later
As for the groomer t-shirt, Pina said she doesn’t think “grooming is very funny at all.” She said she was “actually groomed” during a relationship with someone 30 years older than her, presumably Simon.
Instead, the reality TV star says she made a lot of excuses on Jaylan’s behalf until she learned to stop “saving people’s image.”
“To say that I was a groomer knowing damn well I held you down. I paid for everything. I allowed the media and everyone, my own family, that you were a real man and you were taking care of business in the household when in all actuality, you weren’t doing anything. I cooked, I cleaned. Not that he didn’t cook ever, but most of the time. He would play his game for 16 hours a day because he fell into depression and would not be there for me and the children.”
One claim Falynn confirmed is that she’s moved on with another man. She says he’s an actor and boxer but refuses to reveal his identity. Her interview preceded an unexpected post from RSVP’s Pleasure P. On Saturday, Pleasure uploaded a boo’ed up photo featuring Falynn.
She hasn’t publicly commented on that. But Pleasure appeared smitten, given the caption, which reads, “@falynn I need more of you every moment #galaxy.” 
If you were wondering, Banks left a series of laughing emojis under The Shade Room’s repost. Meanwhile, a source close to the situation tells TSR that Pleasure P is not the man Falynn allegedly resides with.

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