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Natalie Nunn Embraces Nicki Minaj Shoutout On Lil Uzi Vert Track: ‘This Chin Has Been Making Noise!’


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Lil Uzi Vert‘s Pink Tape project has finally arrived, and one verse in his collab with Nicki Minaj is bringing attention to Natalie Nunn‘s famous chin!
In response, the former Bad Girls Club star is welcoming the reference with open arms, as she says her chin is “literally international!”

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A post shared by Natalie Nunn (@realmissnatalienunn)

Nicki Minaj Pays Homage To The Reality Star’s Chin
The album premiered on Friday (Jun. 30) — just one day after Nicki announced Pink Friday 2 — and the track “Endless Fashion” contains the Natalie Nunn line.
At one point during Nicki’s verse, she referred to Natalie’s chin, which has been the subject of widespread attention in the past.
“Even if my name was Natalie Nunn, these b***hes still couldn’t chin-check me.”

now why Nicki Minaj say that about Natalie Nunn LMFAOOOOOO pic.twitter.com/Ol1ZBnMb75
— NATE (@NATERERUN) June 30, 2023

Twitter Reacts To The Natalie Nunn Line: “I Wish I Had A Big Chin”
Once the internet caught wind of the line in question, listeners couldn’t help but chime in.
A plethora of users shared that they found the reference humorous, and they didn’t hold back from quoting it with their WHOLE chest!

— JA (@sleezyjamie) June 30, 2023

even if my name was natalie nunn these btches still couldn’t chin check me pic.twitter.com/l9zqlfYSQl
— BRI. (@MINAJMEETDAWOO) June 30, 2023

“even if my name was natalie nunn, these bitches still couldn’t chin check me” pic.twitter.com/V9xroQe6LF
— i be like… DO IT 4 MY BABY! (@SUCKAW0RLD) June 30, 2023

Given the subject, a frequently-memed photo of Natalie Nunn exhaling hookah smoke was also brought into the mix — Gotta pay homage to the inspiration!

“even if my name was natalie nunn you btches still couldn’t chin check me” pic.twitter.com/Su9vjn8MYk
— 𝗿ø𝗻 (@ronreup) June 30, 2023

Users also imagined the reality star’s reaction while hearing the line for the first time.

Natalie at home right now like pic.twitter.com/t4EuniVf9I
— jordan (@JORDANJSTL) June 30, 2023

natalie nunn listening to endless fashion for the first time pic.twitter.com/5Hv2YxF6WX
— 𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖈. (@xomarajs) June 30, 2023

Natalie Nunn after hearing Nicki name drop her in a bar #EndlessFashion #PinkTape pic.twitter.com/58EdENjXje
— Domooo (@idimeology_) June 30, 2023

Another person remarked, “Natalie is so lucky…. I wish I had a big chin.” This tweet even got a response from Nicki, though it was in the form of her telling the fan to “log off.”

Natalie is so lucky…. I wish I had a big chin cause she coulda been like “even if my name was pretti barb luiii these btchs still couldn’t chin check me”
— LJ (@PRETTIBARBLUI) June 30, 2023

Log off your phone for me babe https://t.co/zxanIAaURg
— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) June 30, 2023

Natalie Says She Supports The Reference, Asks Nicki To Host Baddies Reunion
Of course, Natalie Nunn shared her thoughts as well, though she let it be known that she “literally love[s]” the track.
After fondly acknowledging the song on her Instagram Story, she hopped on IG Live and thanked Nicki “for the shoutout.”
She stated, “This chin has been making noise for years.” Okurrr!
“Shoutout to Nicki for the shoutout. I already told y’all this chin was, like, literally international. This chin has been making noise for years, and I love it here.”
Natalie added, “I hope if Nicki does a music video that I can be in it.”

Natalie wants to do a music video to Nicki & Uzi’s Endless Fashion , this girl is something pic.twitter.com/HEkwwnYSQ0
— Holland Media (@HoIIandMedia) June 30, 2023

We should note that this sentiment echoes statements Natalie made about her chin back in the day, as she proclaimed, “You can talk about my chin all day long. My chin makes millions — remember that.”

“my chin makes millions” – natalie nunn (2010) pic.twitter.com/O9ZhzPXXDi
— zachariah (@airtightangelic) June 30, 2023

In addition to Natalie thanking Nicki and offering to star in the music video, she also asked Minaj to “please come host the baddies reunion.” We love a businesswoman who isn’t afraid to bring ideas to the table!

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